Tamina undergoes surgery

Tamina undergoes surgery on Tuesday

WWE star Tamina Snuka revealed in a tweet that she underwent surgery this week to repair torn ligaments as a results of an injury last week. No word on how much time she will be missing as a result.

Cameron shows support for Ryback

WWE star Cameron (Ariana Andrew) issued a tweet showing support for Ryback after he issued a lengthy statement about his current issues with WWE and why he was pulled from television as of Monday night.

WWE Global Cruiserweight Series qualifier in London

Video has been released by WWE featuring Noam Dar qualifying for the WWE Global Cruiserweight Series that starts this July by defeating Josh Bodom over the weekend at Revolution Pro Wrestling in London.


  1. What type of ligaments were torn? Knee? Ankle? Wrist? Thumb? Elbow? Hand? Foot? You have provided incomplete information. For Tamina’s sake I hope it’s not her knee again as another serious knee injury could mark a premature end to her career. Whatever it is, I wish her as speedy a recovery as reasonably possible.

  2. I’m sorry but when the topic stated that ‘one WWE Talent showed support for Ryback’, I was assuming it was someone who was still relevant to the company, but then I saw that it was just Cameron.

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