Mick Foley to host live podcast with Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon “Tell All Podcast” promoted for May 23

WWE announced via email on Tuesday night that Mick Foley will be hosting a live podcast on the WWE Network immediately following RAW on May 23 featuring Shane McMahon in what is being touted as a “tell all podcast.”

Shane McMahon Tell All Podcast

AJ Styles on ESPN SportsCenter later tonight

WWE announced that AJ Styles would be talking with Jonathan Coachman tonight on ESPN SportsCenter beginning at 9:00 p.m. Eastern (8:00 CT).


  1. I know they’re portraying it as tell all podcast but there is no way that they will go into details on the reasons Shane left. I know he would say things like he had disagreement with management and how things were going, etc. but you will never get the true story especially on WWE TV.

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