Chris Jericho

Update on Chris Jericho and his tweet about his WWE run

As reported earlier, Chris Jericho issued a tweet thanking WWE saying “it’s been real” and “see you next time”, teasing that his current run with the company could be coming to an end. It should be noted that Jericho is scheduled for tonight’s RAW in St. Louis and the Smackdown tapings tomorrow night in Kansas City. While Jericho isn’t advertised for any upcoming live events this weekend, he is advertised for RAW next Monday in Omaha and the Smackdown tapings next Tuesday in Des Moines.

WWE Payback Kickoff show

WWE has posted the full Payback Kickoff show from last night.


  1. well jericho has been known to throw curve balls at people just to throw people off on hus return and depature from the wwe and this looks to be no diff as it looks like he will wrestle at extreme rules.

  2. and here i was thinking he was serious…I mean what has he actually done since he been back? and noo beating AJ at Mania really didn’t account for anything

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