Chris Jericho taking time off

Chris Jericho issued the following tweet on Monday morning indicating that his current run with WWE could already be coming to an end.

Jericho, who returned to WWE in January, appears to have finished up his commitments with the company after a match with Dean Ambrose last night at Payback.


  1. “it’s been real bland”, i think that meant to say. sadly, Y2K seems to have lost his spark a long time ago.

  2. I don’t think he’s “phoning it in”. I think he’s taking care of his body and he’s been great at putting talent over. He did it w AJ and last night he gave Ambrose a much needed win.

    I’d love to see more talent work less during the year. It gives them longevity and allows others to develop.

    Every performer should have 2-3 months off a year. Perhaps not all at once, couple weeks here and a month there…. But the schedule can be extremely demanding.

  3. A schedule like that with 2-3 months off for everyone, (rotating people in and out) would help keep them more healthy, reduce injuries and force the company to create more stars, by giving others time to shine.

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