Enzo Amore

WWE just issued the following tweet confirming that Enzo Amore has been discharged from the hospital in Chicago after suffering a concussion on Sunday night at Payback.

Kevin Owens also tweeted out the following photo from the hospital.


  1. Good to see Enzo is okay, but I hope he takes it easy for the next little while. Concussions are nothing to laugh off.

  2. Thank god he is ok. I am telling you, Enzo is something special. Not so much as a performer, but more that hei comes across as a student of the sport. It may be a while and as long as he doesn’t kill himself, he is going to be a huge influence in years to come. Look in to his eyes. This guy is extremely smart and he has the passion and drive. Unless he gets ‘wellness policied’ or someone has it in for him, he is gonna change the sport years from now.

  3. Hope to see him and Cass appear on RAW, maybe interrupting with the Vaudevillains after they say they win by default.

  4. Glad enzo is ok, now the hurdle is getting him cleared to get back in the ring but his health is more important, he is so entertaining WWE will keep him in some capacity 🙂

  5. Great point, I think on a recent podcast Jim Ross was discussing how enzo would make a great manager like in the 80’s/90’s and could have a stable of wrestlers, can’t remember his guest

  6. very glad this wasn’t as worse as it looked…i was praying hard after it happened that i really couldn’t care to watch Sami and KO match or any other match until i knew he was alright he won’t be getting in the ring tonight I’m sure tbh it really should just be a triple threat elimination tag title match at Extreme Rules between them, Vaudevillains and New Day

  7. if that photo is timed right and KO was at the hospital at 5AM for a friend/colleague, he’s gone up in my estimation tenfold.

  8. Great news. Well done as well to everyone involved last night for quickly realising the severity of what happened and taking action straight away. Would have been easy to try and keep the match going and stay in character assuming he was just dazed, but they acted instantly and quite possibly saved his life as a result.

  9. Ya I feel the same way. I envisioned Enzo being Cass’ mouthpiece while Cass was in the IC and World title picture.

  10. Glad Enzo is okay. What a scary night. We almost had another serious injury too… Ryback pretty much saved Kalisto’s life during their match!

  11. I really don’t think it’s that great of an idea to have pics of Kevin Owens at the hospital with Enzo (unless KO was planning to attack him at the hospital like Austin did McMahon). I get he might be friends with Enzo off camera, but it’s so out of the KO character to even be there.

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