Jan Murphy of The Whig is featuring an interview with WWE star Kane talking about his career longevity with the company (he will have been part of the roster for 20 years as of October 2017) and WrestleMania 32 coming up in a few weeks in Dallas.

On avoiding injuries during his nearly 20 year career with WWE:

“I’ve been fortunate. As far as what I can control, I just try to take care of myself, stay in good shape and frankly, being a big guy helps as well. Even though I do do some things like fly off the top. I also don’t take as many risks as some of the smaller guys do so I think that’s helped me as well. I’ve broken my hand, I threw my back out once and then I’ve had some pretty bad cuts, but that’s been about it, I’ve been able to avoid most of the really, really bad injuries and career-ending injuries.”

On WrestleMania 32 coming up in Dallas:

“WrestleMania is a lot of fun for all of us. It’s just completely different than what we do for the rest of the year. You go out there before the show and you see the setup and it’s just amazing because it’s just this mammoth structure and all the stage and everything, it’s just really over the top.”

You can check out the full interview with Kane at the link below.

The Whig: Competitive fires still burn for WWE legend Kane