WWE NXT results 11/13/14

July 29, 2015
Winter Park, Florida (Full Sail University)
Commentators: Rich Brennan, Corey Graves
Byron Saxton
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see the usual intro, then commentary welcomes us to the show. The Jersey Boys come out to the rampway for our opening match.

Enzo Amore does his usual shitick, then says he’s doing great, thanks for asking. We’re gonna keep it 100 for you like a hot fever. Cass says that if ain’t a certified G like 1, 2, 3, well, there’s only one word to describe you and I’m gonna SPELL IT OUT FOR YA, S…A…W…F…T…..SAWFT!!

The Jersey Boys (Enzo Amore & Big Cass) w/Carmella vs. The Mechanics (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)

Enzo & Dawson start. Dawson takes down Enzo in a side headlock early, followed by a shoulder tackle. Enzo with a drop toe hold, then walks across Dawson’s back and does some dancing. Dawson drives Enzo into his corner, Wilder tags in, then Cass comes in to help out Enzo from a double team. Wilder with a back elbow, then Enzo with a crossbody for 2. Cravate applied, Cass tags in. Cass slams Enzo onto Wilder for 2. Wilder fights back, but Cass with a back elbow and gut shots in the corner. Enzo in, taunts Dawson, hits an assisted shot in the corner. Enzo heads up top, big crossbody for 2. Enzo knocks Dawson off the apron, but distraction allows Wilder to send Enzo shoulder-first into the ringpost.

Dawson in, stomps away at Enzo. Wilder in, double sledge to Enzo’s arm for 2. Dawson in, Wrist-Clutch Northern Lights for 2. Keylock applied, crowd wills on Enzo. Wilder in, Enzo avoids another double team, Wilder stops a slide through the legs and prevents Enzo from making a tag. Dawson in, basement dropkick, then hits a series of shots to Enzo trapped in the ropes. Slingshot Suplex gets a close 2. Wilder in, gut shot to Enzo, kneedrop to the arm. Enzo avoids a corner charge, Wilder goes shoulder-first into the ringpost.

Dawson & Cass in, Cass with big right hands, a leaping corner avalanche, Wilder sent off the apron with a running boot, Bossman Slam to Dawson, Cass fires up. Carmella fires up Enzo, Cass tags him in for the Rocket Launcher, but Wilder sends Cass outside and sends him into the steel steps. Enzo gives chase to Wilder, but distraction allows Dawson to hit a big clothesline outside.

Wilder in, Mechanics hit the Shatter Machine (Flapjack/Paydirt combo) on Enzo for the upset win.

Winners: The Mechanics by pinfall (The Shatter Machine)

Mechanics celebrate their win afterwards.

We see video from after NXT last week as Devin Taylor interviews Shoot Nation about their debut as a team 2 weeks ago.

Jason Jordan says that Chad and I might not see eye-to-eye, but when it comes down to it, we make sure we get the job done. Its no-nonsense, we do what we are there to do and then its on to the next one.

Chad Gable says that they aren’t like Enzo & Cass, those two jamaokes ooze sleaze. We don’t need to talk in nursery rhymes, pump our fists to get our point across. The Hype Bros? OK, stay hyped, are you kidding me? More like struggle to stay awake when they’re watching them wrestle. Jordan pretends to fall asleep, Gable says they’re not actually wrestling. Gable says the point is that they don’t compare, nobody compares, cuz we’re here, ready, willing and Gable.

Gable is upset that Jordan won’t say his name as they walk off while we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we see video highlighting the ongoing issues between Charlotte and Dana Brooke, they finally square off tonight.

“The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin vs. Jessy Sorrensen

Sorrensen is formerly from TNA, where he wrestled from 2011-2012, suffering a serious neck injury in February 2012 that kept him out of wrestling for over a year.

Knee to the ribs, End of Days, thanks for coming.

Winner: “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin by pinfall (The End of Days)

Corbin celebrates his win afterwards.

Backstage in NXT GM William Regal’s office, in walks Tyler Breeze.

Regal asks if Breeze was born in a barn, do you have no manners to knock on my door?

Breeze says that he had no choice, you won’t return my texts, my Facetime calls, my Twitter DMs, Instagram messages, what is the deal?

Regal says that he should have sent a carrier pigeon.

Breeze says that he’s told Regal for a couple weeks now, NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, I need an opponent, I will fight anyone, anyone in the entire world, so who do you have for me?

Regal says he has someone very special, I’ve gone to the ends of the earth, that’s how much I think of you, come here, be careful what you wish for, flower, now leave.

Breeze says that he is busy and leaves.

Shoot Nation (Jason Jordan & Chad Gable) vs. Elias Sampson & Lemmes Valuenzla Jr.

Jordan & Valuenzla start. Crowd chants for Jordan. Jordan scares off Valuenzla early by diving down for leg takedowns. Jordan throws down Valuenzla, Sampson tags in, but wants Gable. Crowd chants for Gable. Jordan obliges, Gable tags in. Sampson messes with Gable, Gable with a single-leg takedown, wraps up Sampson’s legs and applies a standing leglock. Gable switches to a front chancery, holds on when Sampson tries to roll out of it twice. Gable switches to a side headlock, but Sampson kicks at Jordan. Ref is with Jordan, allowing Valuenzla to distract Gable. Gable with a shot to him, but distraction allows Sampson to hit a big forearm and an uppercut.

Valuenzla in, slam to Gable for 2. Sampson in, stomps away at Gable in the corner, along with right hands. Sampson chokes Gable in the corner, gets 2. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on Gable. Gable gets free, judo-style hiptoss.

Jordan & Valuenzla tag in, Jordan knocks Sampson off the apron. Step-Over Belly-to-Belly to Valuenzla, followed by a running shoulder in the corner.

Gable in, Shoot Nation hits the Grand Amplitiude (Alley-Oop Backdrop Hold) for the win.

Winners: Shoot Nation by pinfall (The Grand Amplitiude)

Shoot Nation celebrates their win afterwards.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews Dana Brooke & Emma.

Brooke cuts off Devin, saying that tonight is the opportunity that Charlotte has been dreading. You see, she’s been running scared of me. I remember a time that Charlotte attacked me from behind and then what happened? I left her lying flat in the center of the ring. Yeah, I get it, nobody thinks I can beat Charlotte, just like nobody thought I could take on the fitness world, but then again, I took that world on, too. Charlotte, you’re lucky you’re on RAW, because tonight on NXT, I will be serving her an eviction notice that the Women’s Division of NXT will be taken over by the Total Diva.

Brooke goes to pat Devin on the head like usual, but stops herself and says that tonight is a little too important for that and her & Emma walk off.

Devin says good luck, but Brooke says psyche and does pat Devin on the head.

They walk off as Devin says seriously to what Brooke did while we go to commercial.


We see video highlighting Bull Dempsey’s recent troubles with staying in shape and his addiction with junk food.

This leads to a vignette of Bull trying to get “Bull-Fit”, set with wacky music and border graphics. Vignette shows Bull trying to work out in the gym, but having lots of trouble doing so.

Grudge Match: “The Dirtiest Diva in the Game” Charlotte vs. “The Total Diva” Dana Brooke w/Emma

Commentary notes that Emma & Brooke’s team is now called “Disingenious.” Brooke taunts and trash-talks Charlotte early. Charlotte responds with a big boot and a series of knee drops. Emma distracts Charlotte on the apron, allowing Brooke to nail her from behind.

Brooke avoids a corner charge, Charlotte goes shoulder-first into the ringpost. More shots by Brooke, gets 2. Body scissors applied, Charlotte slams Brooke’s head into the mat to get free, then deadlifts her up, but Brooke falls on top and gets 2. Brooke chokes Charlotte in the ropes, then gulliotines her throat-first across the bottom rope for another 2. More nearfalls gained by Brooke, longbow backbreaker applied, with Brooke putting on the bad-mouth. Crowd wills on Charlotte. Charlotte fights out, pinning predicament gets 2.

Brooke misses a clothesline, Charlotte with a series of chops, followed by a Hangman’s Neckbreaker and a Spear. Emma gets back on the apron, but Charlotte knocks her off.

Natural Selection by Charlotte gets the win.

Winner: “The Dirtiest Diva in the Game” Charlotte by pinfall (The Natural Selection)

Charlotte celebrates her win afterward.

We go to video from earlier today with Samoa Joe, talking about his match next week with Rhyno.

Joe says that people have been asking, what is Samoa Joe doing in NXT? Well, its really quite simple, I am here for the NXT Title. But, you know what? A lot of people have been asking the same thing about Rhyno and Rhyno, you’ve claimed that you’re here because you wanna be the past, the present and the future of NXT. Well next week, Rhyno, your future ends because you stand in the way of me and I what I want. You are a Man-Beast, a vicious predatorly animal, but when I’m across the ring from you, you know I will get in there, I will beat you down and I will choke you out.

We see video from after last week’s NXT with Kevin Owens walking up to NXT GM William Regal backstage and apologizing for sucker-punching him during last week’s contract signing. Owens walks off, then Regal says he cannot wait for Owens to get truly beat on the 22nd in Brooklyn as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go backstage as Devin Taylor interviews Eva Marie about her in-ring return last week. Eva says that she is so happy and excited. It just proves to me that all my hard work that I’ve put in is really paying off, but this is really just the beginning. I mean, I am going or what I want and I want that NXT Women’s Title, so Sasha Banks, she better watch out.

Kevin Owens vs. Martin Stone

Owens unloads on Stone early, hits a short-arm clothesline. Series of right hands as commentary notes that Owens has fined last week for his attack on William Regal. Stone fights back, but Owens with a back elbow and a running back senton. Stone fights back again, but Owens hits a release German, followed by the Corner Cannonball. Owens heads up top, Swanton Bomb. Owens points at the camera, namely Finn Balor.

Pop-Up Powerbomb gets Owens the win.

Winner: Kevin Owens by pinfall (Pop-Up Powerbomb)

Owens stares at the camera afterwards, saying that he is coming for his title. Owens goes to leave, but then grabs Stone and lays him out with the Apron Powerbomb. Owens heads up top and mocks Balor’s pose as mutliple referees and attendants tend to the injured Stone.

We see video on Rhyno, who faces Samoa Joe is next week’s NXT main event as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, its time for the main event.

Main Event for the NXT Tag Team Titles: The Vaudevillains (“The Artiste” Aiden English & Simon Gotch) vs. Blake & Murphy (c’s) w/Alexa Bliss

Pre-match intros for this match. Gotch & Blake start. Chain wrestling early, Blake avoids a dropkick, does a strut, but Gotch takes him down in a flying armbar. Gotch transitions into La Magistral for 2. Dropkick gets a 1 count. English in, double gut shot, double jabs by Vaudevillains for 2. Blake with a knee to the ribs, Murphy tags in. English counters out of a double team, Double Japanese Armdrags, dropkicks to both Blake & Murphy for 2. Blake & Murphy have to re-group as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Gotch with shoulders and uppercuts to Murphy’s arm. English in, elbow to the shoulder of Murphy for a 1 count. Murphy pulls at the hair, stomps away at English. Blake in, English counters another double team, backdrops Murphy onto Blake outside. Back in, English knocks Murphy off the apron with a boot, but distraction allows Blake to hit a basement dropkick for 2.

Murphy in, double running forearms by the champions. Chinlock applied, crowd wills on English. Murphy with more stomps, Blake tags in. English avoids another double team, Blake goes shoulder-first into the ringpost. Murphy can’t prevent a tag, Gotch tags in.

Forearms to Murphy, running forearm in the corner, headbutt to the ribs, leaping knee strike, spinning back kick to the ribs. Blake distracts Gotch, but Gotch with an O’Connor Roll to Murphy for 2. Blake knocked off the apron, back body drop to Gotch. English tags in, Vaudevillains go for the Whirly Divirish, but as the ref is trying to get Gotch out of the ring, Alexa Bliss swipes at English’s foot, distracting him.

Distraction allows Murphy to roll-up English with the tights hooked to retain the titles.

Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions: Blake & Murphy by pinfall (Roll-up with tights)

Blake, Murphy & Bliss celebrate their title retention afterwards while the Vaudevillains can’t believe what happened. Vaudevillains go after Blake & Murphy. Murphy sent outside, Whirly Divirish to Blake. Vaudevillains hold up the NXT Tag Team Titles, while Bliss is left alone in the ring with the Vaudevillains. English is upset about Bliss costing them the match, while the crowd chants “chivalry.” Vaudevillains oblige to it and hold the ropes open for Bliss, but she says they are pathetic and slaps both of them. Bliss leaves the ring and goes up the ramp with Blake & Murphy. Blake, Murphy & Bliss continue to celebrate their title retention as the Vaudevillains stare them down as the show closes.