WWE held their Q2 2015 conference call on Thursday with their shareholders.

Here are some highlights from the call:

Vince McMahon:

* Says WWE had a 38% international growth.

* WWE Network revenue has exceeded PPV revenue.

* WWE is going to do their own version of HBO’s “Hard Knocks” with NXT.

* Working on a studio show for WWE Network.

* Touted upcoming Camp WWE series on WWE Network.

* Touted Tough Enough and Total Divas, noted WWE had 14 million unique viewers between those two shows, RAW and Smackdown.

George Barrios:

* Noted that Beast in the East was the most-watched non-PPV program in WWE Network history thus far.

* Announced the upcoming “Table for 3” WWE Network series where a fans sits down with a WWE Superstar and a Diva.

* Announced plans to expand WWE Network VOD area.

* Noted that free month trial for new subscribers will continue.

* Announced plans to sell WWE Network subscription cards in retail stores, like iTunes.

* Next WWE Network subscriber count will be released at end of Q3 2015.

Q&A Session:

* Caller asked if WWE would make more money off Network revenue vs. prior model of being on PPV. Barrios says yes, once they hit their 1.3 to 1.4 million subscriber number projection.

* Caller asked about what programming WWE needs for the network. McMahon says WWE needs to develop content that plays to all age demographics.

* Caller asked about SummerSlam. Barrios noted that SummerSlam is beginning to feel like “WrestleMania in August.” McMahon says that WWE is so happy with the content of SummerSlam that they expanded the show this year to four hours.

* Caller asked about if WWE would produce more Beast in the East like specials. Barrios says that they will continue to do them, since the first one was a “home run.”

* Caller asked about NXT being built as a brand and franchise. Barrios praises Triple H and says it serves a unique audience and is different from RAW and Smackdown. McMahon says he is confident about the talents WWE is going to churn out from NXT.

* Caller finally asked about WWE severing ties with Hulk Hogan. McMahon says that Hogan is no longer associated with WWE and it would have no “material effect” on them, they will focus on talents who can “actually compete in the ring.”

This ended the call.

Source: PWInsider.com