Brian Fritz of has a new interview up with recent Tough Enough eliminated finalist, Gabi Castrovinci. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Gabi on her experience on Tough Enough:

“I have to tell you that it is the best experience I ever had so far. What I can take from it is to never give up and you guys are going to see me around. I can’t wait to come back.”

Gabi on why she said she was glad to leave Tough Enough after being eliminated:

“Well, I said that in the heat of the moment. I slept through the night and then this morning I do regret saying that. I don’t want to bash or trash Tough Enough. Once again, it was a hell of an experience. I’m very sad to leave. It’s the end of Tough Enough for me but the beginning of a new journey which is to become a WWE Diva.”

Gabi on her future after her Tough Enough elimination:

“Get some immediate in-ring training so I can apply for a tryout, the next Diva Search. There’s so many ways to come back. I’m keeping in touch with WWE and, as I said in my last email this morning to them, I’m going to be emailing you guys until you bring me back because I have what it takes.” ‘Tough Enough’ Gabi says she’s ‘not a quitter,’ will be back with WWE