Eriq Gardner of The Hollywood Reporter is featuring an article about the $100 million lawsuit by Hulk “Terry Bollea” Hogan against Gawker over the website posting part of a secretly recorded sex video featuring Hogan heading to trial starting on 7/6. Hogan hasn’t settled and stated he plans to see the trial “through to the end.” Hogan added, “I have never been afraid to fight for what I think is right. I promised in the beginning that I would see this through to the end to hold Gawker accountable. And I will.”

Representatives for Gawker are attempting to qualify the release of the sex tape as “newsworthy” based on evidence that Hogan had injected “sexual prowess” into the public by claiming Hogan fondled women’s breasts for a “Rocky III” photo shoot and by discussing in interviews some heavy sexually related content.

Nick Denton of Gawker also addressed what he would say if he could talk to Hogan.

“I take no pleasure in your embarrassment, but this was a story we had to write: It was true and it was interesting. You let the genie out of the bottle; you boasted about your sexual conquests endlessly. And you took up a celebrity perk — an invitation to have sex with a fan’s wife — without thinking through the consequences. We take responsibility for our journalists’ words and actions; take responsibility for yours.”

You can read the full article at the link below.

The Hollywood Reporter: Hulk Hogan on Gawker Sex-Tape Trial: “I’ll See This Through to the End”