The following was taped on Tuesday night in Buffalo, New York.

Todd Vincent passed along this live report.

Dark match:

Brad Maddox came out with a microphone and mentioned he used to be the RAW GM. He said he wanted to work his way back up the right way and was there for a match. Cue Long Island Iced Z’s music.

1. Zach Ryder over Brad Maddox in a quick match. Throughout the match Maddox showed numerous Heel tendencies including getting caught putting his feet on the ropes for leverage. For some unknown reason, Buffalo REALLY digs Ryder.

6/16 WWE Main Event tapings:

1. The Prime Time Players defeated The Ascension. when Darren Young pinned Viktor after the Gutbuster. Pre-match, the PTP taught the crowd how to do The Millions of Dollars Dance, The Charleston, and The Sprinkler. (actually, it was just one of those three). PS: Please send The Ascension back to NXT minus The Legion of Doom paint for immediate career rehab. But keep their entrance music. It helps me during my semi-yearly work-out.

2. King Barrett beat Heath Slater with The Bull Hammer. Post-match, R-Truth came out as King What’s Up. He issued a pardon to Lil’ Jimmy (for what, we don’t know) and declared Barrett as “King Jackass.”

3. Naomi (w/Tamina) over Summer Rae via submission.

4. Intercontinental Champion Ryback pinned Adam Rose (w/Rosa) after Shellshock. Or as it should be known “SHELLSHOCK!!!” Nice back and forth flow with Rose getting more offense than you’d expect. Miz sat in on commentary. After the match, Ryback chased Miz to the back. Ryback celebrated with the crowd to end the segment.

5. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper over The Lucha Dragons with the 3-D. Good match. The crowd around me were all mentioning The Dudley Boys and many voiced that they hoped for a Wyatt Family vs. Dudleys feud.