The following was taped on Tuesday night in Lafayette, Louisiana.

WWE Smackdown tapings for June 11, 2015:

* Dean Ambrose opened the show with ladders and the “Money in the Bank” briefcase hanging over the ring. Ambrose hopes Seth Rollins remembers what happened on RAW because it is going to happen again this Sunday. Rollins interrupts and promises to win on Sunday. He goes to take back the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and Ambrose tells him it is actually just a replica and that he left the real title somewhere in New Orleans. Kane comes out and informs Rollins that The Authority will not help him this Sunday.

* WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback def. The Miz.

* Big Show cut a promo about how he will take the WWE Intercontinental Championship away from Ryback this Sunday. Ryback offered to fight now and Big Show declined.

* King Barrett def. Jack Swagger.

* Michael Cole interviewed Lana. Rusev appeared and begged her to come back to him. Lana tells him it is over and leaves Rusev yelling at her and everyone else.

* WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins def. Dolph Ziggler.

* Paige def. Alicia Fox.

* Randy Orton, Roman Reigns & Neville def. Kane, Sheamus & Kofi Kingston.

* Post-taping Bonus Match: Dean Ambrose def. Bray Wyatt.