Recap of the 6/1 Stone Cold Podcast with special guest Paul Heyman

“Stone Cold Podcast” Live
Special Guest: Paul Heyman
June 1, 2015
Recap by: Adam Martin of

The following aired live on the WWE Network following RAW on 6/1.

We are live from San Antonio, Texas backstage at RAW. Steve Austin welcomes us to the show and introduces his guest tonight, Paul Heyman. Austin wishes the people well battling the floods right now in Texas.

Heyman said it feels like he should be interviewing Austin instead of the other way around. He talks about coming up on 50 years old this year and being involved in the wrestling business since the age of 14.

Austin talks about his history with Heyman down in WCW and bringing him into ECW to “teach me how to cut a promo.” He is wondering when they first met. Heyman said it was at Center Stage in Atlanta and how he kept noticing Austin from the corner of his eye. He tells a story about Austin getting his gear on and running the ropes at a pace he has never seen before. “We just scored so big with this kid,” added Heyman when he first saw Austin in the ring when talking with Jim Ross.

Heyman talks about the formation of the Dangerous Alliance in WCW and how it was missing one big piece: this kid “Stunning” Steve Austin. He talked about working out the plans with Dusty Rhodes and selling Rhodes on Austin because he was from Texas. Heyman talked about Rick Rude approving of Austin getting involved with the Dangerous Alliance and describing Austin’s in-ring work as “looking like a fight.”

Austin wants to discuss Heyman’s current client, Brock Lesnar. Heyman said it is public knowledge that Brock is coming back very soon. He talks about Brock staying busy hunting and keeping out of the public eye. Austin said he would love to hunt with Brock and invites Heyman. Heyman said he is a Jew and they don’t hunt. Austin said he has an open invite.

Austin asks if Lesnar was really considering a return to MMA and talking with the UFC. Heyman said that Brock opened up a mini training camp in Janary prepared that if he didn’t cut the right deal with WWE, he would be preparing for a return to MMA.

He said Lesnar was torn because his recent run with WWE was so enjoyable. Heyman talked about the great run Lesnar had including matches with John Cena and ending the streak of The Undertaker. He talked about Lesnar’s huge accomplishments in UFC while experiencing diverticulitis and gaining his health back at 37 years old. “He’s enjoying himself in WWE.”

Regarding Lesnar’s part time schedule agreement with WWE, Austin said some people confuse that with Lesnar maybe not enjoying or loving the business. Heyman talked about Lesnar being a family man first and foremost. Secondly, the way he is presented is unique and how if you presented Christmas 365 days a year, it wouldn’t be special.

Austin said he gets questions that if Lesnar won’t be on WWE TV if Heyman will in turn make more appearances. “It’s a very interesting dynamic because Brock and I have such a defined relationship on television because it’s a mirror of how we are in real life,” said Heyman. Heyman said putting him with someone else, he is just viewed as Brock Lesnar’s guy. He said the one person it did work with was CM Punk because they were already good friends off air and he played different characters.

Austin asks if Heyman has talked with CM Punk. Heyman said they talk almost daily via text message and that they talk all the time. Austin asks about CM Punk’s upcoming career with the UFC and how he expects him to do. “I don’t think money is the motivating factor in his life whatsoever,” adds Heyman. He said Punk is fully expecting either outcome: either he does well or gets knocked out or tapped out.

Austin brings up Jake “The Snake” Roberts introducing the DDT and how it is becoming very overused in wrestling today. Heyman brings up Rocky Johnson winning matches with a dropkick and Harley Race using a simple suplex. He said it is all about the talent putting the move over and the commentary team making it feel just as important.

Austin changes the conversation to promos and that something still seems to be missing today with things being overly scripted. Heyman brings up a story about being put in a high pressure situation on WCW TV with direction from Dusty Rhodes. He talked about thinking he did so great and walking backstage with Rhodes telling he did fine, but where is the money? Heyman said talent today needs to ask themselves that same thing and what they are trying to sell to the audience.

Austin talks about really enjoying the Ultimate Warrior promos and asks Heyman how he would change the promo system today. Heyman said the biggest flaw he sees today is people pontificating immediately in promos where they start to describe what happened to them on RAW or Smackdown last week. He said his approach was to introduce himself to the audience and tell them what he does. Heyman said he engages and wrestlers today lost the art of engaging the audience and instead preaching.

Heyman talks about first working with Vince McMahon Sr. in his early days. They show a photo on a TV nearby that Heyman actually took of Vince Sr. backstage including another with Andre the Giant that earned him $50. He told a story about earning a press pass for Madison Square Garden and snapping that now famous photo. Heyman said Howard Finkle handed him the $50 when he was able to get the photo to Vince Sr. backstage before being taken away by police guarding Vince Sr.

Regarding the comparison between Vince Sr. and Vince Jr., Heyman talked about Vince Sr. having a “carved out territory” and Vince Jr. understanding the “roots of expansion” among the already existing territories with the introduction of cable television. Austin and Heyman debate if Vince Sr. was close to also accepting this evolution in the wrestling industry with other promoters seeing the promise and growth of national cable television.

Austin brings up hearing stories of death threats towards Vince McMahon. Heyman talked about Lou Albano referring to Vince Jr. as “the kid” and being loyal to Vince Sr. during the initial transition. Austin asks how he gets along with Vince McMahon these days. Heyman said they get along great now – especially due to the fact that they no longer interact on a daily basis and Heyman trying to convince Vince what should be done in the industry. “I guess he got tired of smacking me down,” added Heyman after his first initial run with WWE.

Austin talks about Heyman booking Smackdown and Heyman getting some serious heat for having Michael Cole and Tazz refer to RAW as the “B show” on commentary. He also brings up the infamous 2006 plane ride following the revival of the ECW brand. “It was very personal to me and I didn’t like the way it was going,” said Heyman. Heyman said it became a very personal fight between himself and Vince and even offered to take the book for Smackdown to get away from it. “My run was over. I was burned out. I was tired. I had lost my love for it,” added Heyman. Heyman said they were on the plane arguing back and forth with him blaming Vince for ruining the ECW brand and Vince blaming Heyman for ruining his investment. He added that it was a really big learning lesson for the both of them.

Heyman tells a funny story about Rick Rude getting mad at Austin using the lord’s name in vain during a car ride and another story about The Steiner’s and Sting messing with people driving fast down the highway.

Heyman turns the table on Austin and wants his thoughts on John Cena using the springboard Stunner. “It’s just a move ain’t worth a damn. I’m a vocal John Cena supporter. It’s not effective,” adds Austin. Heyman asks if he wants a match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. “I’d beat his ass,” adds a smiling Austin. Heyman brings up WrestleMania being in Texas next year. Austin said he would have to think about it and the real question is if Lesnar would be interested. Heyman wants to negotiate this. Austin suggests a Texas Deathmatch and gets fired up about a possible match with Lesnar. He warns Heyman and Lesnar not to poke a bear.

Austin closes the show saying it is time for a beer to calm down.