The WWE issued a statement to Jason Powell earlier today about whether or not there are contigency plans in place in case rioting take place in St. Louis, Missouri this weekend. St. Louis is the site of this Sunday’s Survivor Series PPV and there are fears that rioting could take place should the grand jury’s verdict be read in the case of whether police officer Darren Wilson broke the law in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, which spawned national coverage of protests taking place in the city since Brown’s death. 

WWE’s statement on the situation is as follows:

“As always, WWE is working closely with the venue to ensure the safety of our fans and performers, and they will keep us abreast of any developments.”

Missouri governor Jay Brown has declared Missouri as a state of emergency and has asked for the National Guard to be brought in case the verdict is read this weekend and with the looming threats of riots in the city after the verdict is read.