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WWE Main Event Nov. 11, 2014 results: Liverpool showdowns

Adam Rose def. Stardust

WWE Main Event in the United Kingdom kicked off with one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Stardust battling Adam Rose. As Goldust accompanied Stardust to the ring, The Rosebuds – led by The Bunny – watched at ringside on behalf of Rose. As the battle waged back and forth, The Bizarre One tried to offer his tag team partner an assist. However, the plan backfired as The Bunny took out Goldust, distracting Stardust and allowing Adam Rose to secure a pinfall.

Alicia Fox def. Cameron

Joining the cast of “Total Divas” this January, Alicia Fox looked to make a statement against one of her co-stars, Cameron. The bout started evenly, but Cameron’s aggressiveness gave her an edge and allowed her to impose her will on Alicia. However, the former Divas Champion displayed both her resilience and experience, countering a fast-paced maneuver and leaving her opponent dazed. Alicia capitalized and rolled up Cameron for the win.

Tyson Kidd def. Sami Zayn

The rivalry between Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd continued on WWE Main Event in a rematch from their battle last week. Because Kidd won their last encounter by grabbing Zayn’s tights, the NXT Superstar was granted a second chance. As the opening bell sounded and with Natalya watching at ringside, Kidd displayed his technical abilities while trying his best to get inside Zayn’s head. Nevertheless, Zayn kept pace with the last graduate of the Hart Dungeon, but Kidd’s aggressiveness and brutality allowed him to dominate much of the match.

Zayn fought back and nearly defeated Kidd. As a result, Kidd tried again to grab Zayn’s tights but the official caught him. As the NXT Superstar built momentum, Tyson Kidd used his wife Natalya to prevent Zayn from pulling him back in the ring. As a result, Kidd managed to take down his opponent and pick up another victory.

Dean Ambrose def. Justin Gabriel

With his mind on Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose stepped into the ring against Justin Gabriel on WWE Main Event. Ambrose’s unorthodox style managed to keep the agile Gabriel on the defense throughout much of the contest. The South African competitor tried his own unique variety of maneuvers but the unpredictable Lunatic Fringe proved to be too much. Driving his opponent into the mat with Dirty Deeds, Ambrose took home a victory.