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You can step into the gym with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to get a ripped and chiseled body thanks to the WWE Fitness Series, debuting on DVD from Lionsgate Home Entertainment and WWE on Dec. 2.
Triple H and McMahon lead two workout programs created by world-renowned fitness coach Joe DeFranco in the DVD, filmed at the elite WWE Performance Center. The exercise systems allow fans to complete a full-body workout, including cardio and flexibility training.
In “WWE Power Series: Triple H,” The King of Kings shows how you can build a ripped body with a series of upper and lower body workouts and cardio and mobility exercises.
In “WWE Fit Series: Stephanie McMahon,” one of the principal owners of WWE and mother of three helps you sculpt a toned body and shed fat with upper and lower body, abs, cardio and flexibility exercises.
The “WWE Power Series: Triple H” and “WWE Fit Series: Stephanie McMahon” workout DVDs can get anyone into top form and feature custom workout capabilities and music-only options. Pre-order both DVDs on now for $14.98 each.