The following was taped on Monday from Liverpool, England:

WWE Monday Night RAW taping for November 10, 2014:

* In-ring segment with John Cena and The Authority. Cena announces Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger for his team at the Survivor Series. Triple H announces Mark Henry has been added to his team at the Survivor Series. Ryback comes out and both Cena and The Authority court him for their respective teams. Ryback lays out Cena with a Spinebuster, seeming to join Team Authority. 

1. Seth Rollins def. Jack Swagger with the Curb Stomp. Afterwards, Rollins laid out Swagger with a 2nd Curb Stomp. 

* Backstage promo with Dean Ambrose, confirming himself vs. Bray Wyatt at Survivor Series.

* Backstage segment with Kane and Ryback.

2. Paige def. Alicia Fox.

* Backstage segment with the Authority, Rusev & Lana. Stephanie McMahon demanded that Lana give an answer tonight if Rusev will join Team Authority. 

3. Rusev w/ Lana def. Sheamus to retain the WWE United States Championship.

* Backstage segment where Lana tells Stephanie that Rusev accepts to be part of Team Authority at Survivor Series. 

* Backstage segment with Seth Rollins and Ryback.

4. The Miz and Damien Mizdow w/Mini Mizdow (Hornswoogle) def. Los Matadores w/ El Torito.

* Backstage segment with John Cena, Dolph Ziggler and Triple H. Triple H says that due to the beating Swagger took earlier, he is off Team Cena at Survivor Series. He then says Ziggler will face Mark Henry with Cena banned from ringside.

5. WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler def. Mark Henry by DQ in a non-title match when Henry used the ring bell. Henry continued to attack Ziggler afterwards until the Big Show made the save. Big Show then proclaimed that he will join Team Cena at Survivor Series. 

* Backstage segment where Sheamus proclaimed he was joining Team Cena at Survivor Series.

6. WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee def. Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella. Afterwards, Nikki attacked AJ from behind and left her laying.

* Backstage segment with Mark Henry and Ryback.

7. Tyson Kidd def. Adam Rose after the Bunny accidentally distracted Rose. Afterwards, Rose attacked the Bunny.

8. John Cena def. Ryback by DQ when Kane interfered.  Afterwards, Kane and Ryback had words with Seth Rollins trying to be peacemaker. Ryback hit Rollins and Kane sent Ryback outside. Team Authority then attacked Cena until Team Cena made the save. Team Authority got the better of Team Cena, then Ryback came back in and cleared the ring of Team Authority to close the show. 

Post-Show Dark Match: John Cena, Sheamus and The Big Show def. Seth Rollins, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury in a six man tag team match.