4/26 WWE Results: Louisville, Kentucky

Jimmy Biggers sent this live report in.

1. Big E and Mark Henry vs Damien Sandow and Brodus Clay
Winner-Big E and Mark Henry via worlds strongest slam

2. Titus O’Neil vs Kofi Kingston
Kofi wins in about 5 seconds via roll up Titus Oneal demands kofi come back and fight like a real man

3. Kofi beats Titus again

4. Zack Ryder vs Alexander Rusev
Rusev wins via submission

5. Nikki Bella vs Alicia Fox w\Aksana as Special guest Ref
Winner Nikki Bella after the match Nikki laid out Aksana for her one sided officiating

6. Cesaro vs Sin Cara Crowd really into the swing he did 12 turns and then gave Sin Cara The Neutralizer for the win.

7. Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio very good match prolly best of the night. Awesome back and forth action that saw Ziggler win via Zig Zag.

8. Bad News Barrett vs Tyson Kidd
Winner Barrett via The Bull Hammer

9. Sheamus vs Batista
Sheamus won via DQ afterwards gave Batista a Brogue kick

10. Main Event 6-man tag
Wyatt Family vs Big Show RVD John Cena. The Wyatt family entrance in person is amazing loved it!! The crowd was way over for John Cena. Big Show and RVD took a beating Cena got the hot tag and the match ended after Luke Harper got a ChokeSlam AA and a frog splash to send the crowd home happy.

Lots of kids in the audience very full and fun crowd!

Biggest Pops
1. John Cena
2. Sheamus
3. RVD

Biggest Heat
1. Alexander Rusev
2. Bad News Barrett
3. Damien Sandow