WWE business figures for January and February of 2014.

Average attendance in January was 5,178 per show (down from 5,409 last year). Attendance in February was 6,455 (nearly identical to 6,474 last year).

The five most shipped WWE DVDs continue to be: Bill Goldberg (99,000 units shipped), History of WWE: 50 Years of Sports Entertainment (86,000), Legends of Mid South Wrestling (64,000), Triple H: Thy Kingdom Come (64,000) and the Best of ECW Volume 2 (62,000).

Overall DVD sales are about half of what has been shipped in the figures listed above, with WWE’s DVD business being described as “greatly declining.”

WWE.com web traffic averaged 21.3 million unique visitors for January and February. Last year averaged 15.2 million between the two months so they saw a huge increase.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter