WWE NXT results 4/17/14

April 17, 2014
Full Sail University
Commentators: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, William Regal, Renee Young
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

We see the usual intro, then go to the opening match.

“Big Cass” Colin Cassady vs. “The Artiste” Aiden English

Before the match, English asks for his spotlight and sings that you can’t sing with me, its not even worth it, you better not even try. For if you do, you just be embarassed. I blow a kiss good-bye. And now you see, oh yes, you finally see, that’s there no one greater here than me. The greatest performer in W……W…………EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

English with a gut kick and a back club. Right hand and a stomp by English, but Cass comes back with a right hand. Cass catches a kick and hits another right hand. Knee to the ribs, followed by a back club. Chest clubs, followed by a high knee. Cass spells out “SAWFT” and hits a big boot for a nearfall. English rolls out to the apron and has the ref keep Cass back. English with a kick to the knee, followed by a kneelift from the apron. Series of back clubs by English. English rakes his forearm against Cass’s face. More back clubs and stomps in the corner by English. Gut shot, followed by a knee to the ribs. Boot by English for a nearfall. Elbow to the top of the head, followed by a stomp to the back. Elbow to the back of the head, then English chokes Cass in the ropes. Cass comes back with a back body drop. Big right hand, but English slips out of a fallaway slam.

Cass slips out of the Director’s Cut, but English slips out of another fallaway slam attempt and rolls up Cass while hooking the tights for the win.

Winner: “The Artiste” Aiden English by pinfall (Roll-Up)

English takes a bow afterwards while Cass is fuming.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews Tyler Breeze. Breeze has Devin introduce him with all of his nicknames. Breeze says that he nothing to say, he just thought this episode needed someone who was gorgeous.


Camacho vs. Oliver Grey

This is Grey’s first match in NXT in 9 months since sustaining a torn ACL while NXT Tag Champions with Adrian Neville. Camacho with a back elbow, but Grey avoids another and hits an armdrag, followed by a dropkick. Camacho with a gut kick and another back elbow. Camacho stomps away at Grey in the corner. Camacho with a running powerslam for a nearfall. Back clubs, but Grey fights back with chops and forearms.

Camacho comes back with a running Samoan Drop for the win.

Winner: Camacho by pinfall (Running Samoan Drop)

Camacho yells out for Adam Rose afterwards.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews Bo Dallas. Bo says that the reason why his “occupy NXT” didn’t work last week is because his “Bo-lievers” are law-abiding citzens. They didn’t just wanna do anything un-lawful, which made “occupy NXT” slightly under-whelming. But the Bo Dallas hotline is ringing off the hook with support for the “Bo Movement.” My drive to win back the NXT Title will never die and neither will the “Bo Movement.” Don’t stop “Bo-lieveing!”


NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) vs. Wesley Blake & Cal Bishop

Blake & Konnor start. Blake with a right hand and a gut kick. Konnor comes right back with a clothesline. Trifecta of shoulder tackles sends Blake to the outside. Viktor in, series of chops and uppercuts to Blake on the outside. Back in, Blake sent hard into the corner. Konnor in, stomps away at Blake in the corner. Viktor in, hits an STO to Blake. Konnor in while Viktor knocks Bishop off the apron.

Ascension hit the Fall of Man on Blake for the win.

Winners: NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension by pinfall (The Fall of Man)

The Ascension stand tall afterwards.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews the BFFs. Sasha begins to speak, but Charlotte interrupts her. Charlotte makes fun of Devin’s watch, saying she must have gotten it at Goodwill. Charlotte says that giving Sasha the reins the last 2 weeks was an epic fail. Sasha goes to retort, but Charlotte cuts her off, saying Sasha should be sorry. Charlotte says she will take down every Diva in this division, starting next week when we face Emma, that double bubble head and a partner of her choice, which is funny because she doesn’t have any friends. Sasha says of course, Emma doesn’t have friends, but Charlotte cuts her off again and wonders what Sasha thinks is so funny. Its about time someone took charge, someone with a little more “Flair.”


CJ Parker comes out and says that when I try to sleep at night, I just lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling, just wondering what this planet would be like if there was no such thing as the NXT Universe. Plain and simple, it’d be a place that I’d be proud to call home. There would be no litter in my street, there would be no animals in my zoos, there would be no such thing as an SUV, everything would be fuel-efficient. How can you boo a guy that wants to be the change that you should all want to see in this world? How can you boo a guy who cares?

The music of the Great Khali hits and it leads to our next match.

“The Moonchild” CJ Parker vs. “The Punjabi Playboy” The Great Khali

Parker holds up the peace sign, then hits a chop, but Khali with a right hand. Parker sent off the turnbuckles. Big overhand chop by Khali. Crowd chants “one more time” and Khali obliges them. Clothesline sends Parker to the outside. Khali goes to out after Parker, but Parker hot-shots his leg across the top rope. Back in, Parker with a series of left hands. Khali shoves Parker off, but Parker with a dropkick. Parker heads up top, but Khali nails him on the way down with a chop. Khali with a big boot, followed by 2 clotheslines.

Punjabi Plunge for the win.

Winner: “The Punjabi Playboy” The Great Khali by pinfall (The Punjabi Plunge)

Khali celebrates his win afterwards.


Backstage, Sami Zayn says he is fine after re-injuring his head against Corey Graves 2 weeks ago. With head injuries nowadays, WWE has gotta be very protective. I’m not gonna question the ref’s call, but I could have hung in there. Graves caught me, plain and simple. But, I’m looking forward to next week when I team with the Usos to face Corey Graves and the Ascension. Graves has made this very personal because its not just about the attacks anymore, not just about head injuries, I don’t like him, this kind of guy he is. He needs to be put in his place and that exactly what I am going to do at 100%.

Jason Jordan & Tyle Dillinger vs. Baron Corbin & Sawyer Fulton

Corbin & Jordan start. Corbin blocks an amateur takedown with a back elbow. Corbin with a side headlock, but Dillinger blind tags in. Jordan with a gut shot, Dillinger with a running kneelift, then Jordan with a dropkick for a nearfall. Dillinger with a leaping stomp. Big chop in the corner, then Dillinger avoids a charge. Dillinger slips out of a slam, but Corbin blocks an O’Connor Roll and hits a big clothesline for a nearfall. Gut shot, Fulton tags in. Fulton with a backbreaker, followed by a series of elbow drops for a nearfall. Fulton drives Dillinger into his corner, Corbin tags in. Corbin with a gut shot and a delayed suplex for a nearfall. Chinlock applied as the crowd wills on Dillinger. Dillinger fights back, but Corbin with a slam. Corbin goes to the middle rope, then blocks a Dillinger boot, but Dillinger avoids an elbow drop. Jordan & Fulton tag in. Jordan with 2 knockdowns on Fulton, then knocks Corbin off the apron. Back body drop to Fulton, Jordan fires up. Dropkick to Corbin, then Jordan tags in Dillinger. Running shoulder by Jordan to Fulton in the corner.

Snapshot variation by Jordan & Dillinger for the win.

Winners: Jason Jordan & Tyle Dillinger by pinfall (Snapshot variation)

Jordan & Dillinger celebrate their win afterwards.


Main Event in a Non-Title Grudge Match: Brodus Clay vs. NXT Champion “The Man That Gravity Forgot” Adrian Neville

Brodus shoves down Neville, but Neville with a series of kicks to the legs and gut shots. Brodus misses a clothesline and hits more kicks. Neville slides under Brodus’s legs and applies a sleeper, but Brodus slams his down. Brodus with a series of gut shots in the corner. Neville goes up & over, does 2 front kip-ups, then Brodus runs into a boot. Neville heads up top, but Brodus catches him off a crossbody and hits a fallaway slam for a nearfall. 2 elbow drops, followed by a heart punch for a nearfall. Chest clubs by Brodus, then he applies a nerve hold as the crowd wills on Neville. Neville fights back, but Brodus with another chest club, followed by a headbutt. Brodus drops his body weight across Neville for a nearfall. Neville fights back with kicks to the leg, then avoids a powerbomb attempt. Brodus with more gut shots in the corner, then chokes Neville with his boot. Brodus stands on Neville’s chest, then goes back to the nerve hold. Crowd again wills on Neville. Neville fights back with a series of leg kicks, followed by a jawbreaker. Neville slips out of a powerbomb attempt and hits a dropkick to Brodus’s knees. Neville sent onto the apron, but he hits an enziguri. Neville with a springboard forearm, then heads up top. Brodus avoids a 450, but Neville lands on his feet. Brodus then hits the running headbutt to the chest. Neville rolls out to the outside and Brodus goes out after him. Brodus with a slam on the outside. Brodus goes onto the steps, but Neville avoids the big splash.

Neville just barely gets back in before the 10 count, but Brodus is not able to.

Winner: NXT Champion “The Man That Gravity Forgot” Adrian Neville by count-out

Brodus gets on the apron to go back after Neville afterwards, but Neville dropkicks him off the apron. Neville dares Brodus to come back in, but Brodus leaves to the back, saying “it ain’t over.” Neville & Brodus stare each other down to close the show.