WWE NXT results 4/10/14

April 10, 2014
Full Sail University
Commentators: Rich Brennan, Alex Riley, Jason Albert
Recap by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

An “In Memory of Warrior” graphic is shown before the usual intro.

Adam Rose vs. Danny Burch

Crowd sings Rose’s theme as the bell sounds. Burch with an uppercut and a gut shot. Rose kicks his legs like a bicycle in the ropes to keep Burch away. Shoulder tackle by Rose for a 1 count. Another shoulder tackle and an armdrag into an armbar by Rose. Crowd chants for Rose. Burch with a knee to the ribs and a right hand. Chop, but that fires Rose up. Rose peppers Burch with jabs and a right hand. Pair of chops, followed by a running elbow and a savate kick to the ribs. Bronco Buster in the corner, followed by a spinebuster. Rose removes his elbow pad and goes to the middle rope.

Front elbow drop for the win.

Winner: Adam Rose by pinfall (2nd Rope elbow drop)

Rose celebrates his win with his party-goers afterwards.

We see video from last week when Sami Zayn re-injured his head against Corey Graves, leading to Graves getting the win when Zayn passed out while in Lucky 13.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews referee Shawn Bennett, who reffed the match last week. Bennett says that the safety of the wrestlers is a ref’s number one priority. I was trying to communicate with Zayn, but he wasn’t responding, therefore I decided he was unfit to continue and I awarded the match to Graves.

Devin then interviews Corey Graves. Graves says he supposes he should say there should be an asterisk next to my win over Zayn, like it doesn’t really count. But, just like Barry Bonds is the undisputed homerun king, I beat Sami Zayn. A win is a win. So Sami, rest that little head of yours, we are just getting started, pal.


“Its” Bayley vs. “The Boss” Sasha Banks w/Charlotte & Summer Rae on a Stick

Sasha takes down Bayley and gains a 1 count. Side headlock and a shoulder tackle by Sasha for another 1 count. Bayley goes for a Sunset flip, but Sasha sits down on it for a nearfall. Bayley for a roll-up for a nearfall. Sasha unloads with back clubs, then repeatedly slams Bayley’s head against the mat. Bayley sent face-first into the mat, giving Sasha another nearfall. Sasha with a hair-mare, then walks across Bayley’s back in the corner. Sasha gains another nearfall. Japanese Stranglehold applied by Sasha as the crowd wills on Bayley. Sasha gains another nearfall. Bayley slips out of a slam, but Sasha blocks an O’Connor Roll. Bayley comes back with 2 running elbows, then a flying clothesline in the corner. Running back elbow, then a flying back elbow by Bayley off the middle rope. Bayley runs into boots, then Sasha goes to the middle rope and goes to re-apply the Japanese Stranglehold. Bayley slips out and takes Sasha down.

Belly to Bayley by Bayley for the win.

Winner: “Its” Bayley by pinfall (Belly to Bayley)

Bayley celebrates her win afterwards.


Sylvester LeFort vs. Mojo Rawley

Mojo backs LeFort into the corner, then scares LeFort with the rolling three point stances. Mojo drives LeFort into the corner. 2 avalanches, followed by the Butt-Butt.

Mojo goes into Hyper-Drive for the win.

Winner: Mojo Rawley by pinfall (Hyper-Drive)

Mojo celebrates his win afterwards.

Mojo leaves, then Brodus Clay’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Brodus goes after LeFort and hits him with a powerbomb. Brodus then goes to the middle rope and hits a big splash. Brodus grabs a mic and says he saw NXT Arrival and I saw Triple H & John Cena publicly endorse the great Adrian Neville. I give my blood, sweat and tears to the WWE for years and they didn’t even look my way. I’m a main event player, I deserve my shot. Where is this great Adrian Neville? I called him out last week and what did he do? He stayed in the back like the coward that he is. You so great? I’m calling you out right now, face me now like a man.

The music of the NXT Champion and Adrian Neville makes his way to the ring. Neville says that for a main event player. Brodus does a lot of complaining, moaning and whinging. You had opportunities, but the difference between me and you, I’m not gonna waste mine. Brodus says that for such a little dog, Neville has got a big bark. Neville says that funny, because I thought Brodus would be taller. Neville is ready to fight, but Brodus leaves the ring and goes to the back.

Backstage, Devin Taylor goes to interview the returning Oliver Grey, but Camacho interrupts him. Camacho says that there is a poser among us and his name is Adam Rose, the freak show. Life is not all about parties, people like me had have to sacrifice everything to survive one more day. Grey interrupts Camacho and says he couldn’t think of a more fitting way to make his return to NXT than to face Camacho next week. Camacho nods and leaves.


We see video of the NXT stars at Wrestlemania 30 Axxess.

Backstage, Devin Taylor interviews the Great Khali. Khali says he is feeling good to be at NXT for the first time. Bayley comes in and hugs Khali, saying how tall he is. CJ Parker then walks in and says he hopes Khali recycles, because with his size, he produces three times the amount of human waste as the average wandering generality in the NXT Universe. Khali says something in Punjabi and Bayley translates by saying that Khali said he will Parker in the ring next week. Khali & Bayley leave while Parker is fuming.


Bo Dallas’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Bo gets a mic and says that there is a lot of guys out there who say they are next in line for a shot at the NXT Title. But we all know, its still “Bo Time.” I’m not scared to step into the back of the line, but the voices of the “Bo-lievers” cannot be silenced. You may have heard of the “YES Movement.” Daniel Bryan occupied RAW and got a shot at the WWE World Title and he’s just a B-Plus player. I actually deserve a shot, so that’s exactly what we are gonna do. Ladies and gentlemen, the “Bo Movement” is here. Earlier today, I reached out on social media to gather my “Bo-lievers” here. So members of the “Bo Movement,” join me, stand together and let our voices be heard and let’s occupy NXT. However, instead of fans getting in the ring, they all turn their back to the ring and Bo and begin to do a “No” chant. Bo says in anger that he gave them cookies. I was the best champion you could have ever asked for for 280 days, I was there for you! I was your champion!! This stinks!! Bo goes to the outside and yells at the crowd for not joining him in the ring. Bo then gets back in and begins to break down.


Back from commercial as Bo Dallas is still in the ring, suffering a near-nervous breakdown. “No More Bo” chants by the crowd. The music then hits of the NXT GM JBL, who makes his way onto the rampway. JBL says this is the worst attempt of occupying he has ever seen. Bo doesn’t have enough people to occupy a see-saw in that ring. So Bo, I’m sorry, no title match tonight. But since you are ready to compete, I’ve got a friend from South Africa who will face you next.

Main Event: Bo Dallas vs. “The Cape Town Werewolf” Justin Gabriel

Bo continues to complain that he wants to face Neville as the bell sounds. Bo misses a clothesline and Gabriel with a crossbody. Another crossbody by Gabriel, followed by a roll-up for a nearfall. Bo rolls out to the outside to re-group. “We want cookies” chants by the crowd. Back in, Bo with a right hand and a side headlock. Side headlock takeover by Bo. Gabriel gets free with a headscissors, but Bo with a kip-up. Gabriel with a side headlock and a shoulder tackle. Gabriel blocks a hip-toss and takes Bo down. Gabriel with a leg sweep for a 1 count. Bo goes back outside to re-group. Bo gets back in, but then rolls back outside. Gabriel gets Bo back in, then goes up top, but Bo stops him and hot-shots him throat-first across the top rope. Gabriel sent face-first off the apron. Back in, Bo with a knee drop for a 1 count. Bo chokes Gabriel in the ropes. Suplex for a nearfall. Cravate applied. Crowd wills on Gabriel. Gabriel gets free, but Bo knocks him back down for a nearfall. Bo goes back to the cravate. Crowd again wills on Gabriel. Gabriel fights back, but Bo with a knee to the ribs, then sends Gabriel hard into the corner. Bo with 2 short-arm back elbows, followed by a short-arm clothesline for a nearfall. Gabriel blocks being sent into the corner, but Bo with a right hand. Gabriel then reverses Bo’s whip and sends Bo hard into the corner. Gabriel with a series of kicks, ending with a spin kick. Gabriel with a Tiger Flip, followed by another spinning kick. Angled avalanche in the corner, then Gabriel with a springboard crossbody for a nearfall. Strike exchange, then Gabriel with a spinning back kick. Bo comes back with a Reverse DDT for a nearfall. Gabriel with a Northern Lights for a nearfall. Gabriel with a kick to the back, but Bo avoids a springboard moonsault. Gabriel with an inside cradle for a nearfall. Bo then with a kick to the knee.

Double-Arm DDT by Bo for the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas by pinfall (Double-Arm DDT)

Bo celebrates his win to close the show.