Variety looks at Wrestlemania 30 viewers in the U.S.

Marc Graser of is featuring an article about the announcement from WWE that 1 million people watched Wrestlemania 30 on the WWE Network or on Pay Per View.

“It’s a clever crunching of numbers for WWE, but one worth noting, considering “WrestleMania” typically generates around 1 million PPV buys overall through traditional cable and satellite PPV providers worldwide.”

Variety: Record 1 Million Pay to Access WWE’s ‘WrestleMania 30′ in U.S.

WWE stars tell “horror stories” about stays in hotels

Bill Hanstock of is featuring an article with WWE stars discussing “horror stories” about time on the road and staying at various hotels. Quoted in the article includes The Miz, Titus O’Neil, Goldust, Jim Ross and more.

SBNation: WWE Superstars tell us their hotel horror stories