Brian Soscia passed this along.

Paul Heyman WrestleMania Press interview gets ugly:

At WrestleMania 29 Paul Heyman paid Brian Soscia $100.00 and proceeded to storm off of the interview set after Soscia demanded compensation from a long outstanding debt that stemmed from Heyman’s ECW days. That video can be viewed here:

One year later at WrestleMania XXX the two were forced to do another interview to promote Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker. Check out what happens during this obviously tense situation as the interview turns from fun to frustration:

Cesaro sits down w/ Brian Soscia just before WrestleMania XXX! They talk Cesaro’s connection to Philly, StoneCold Steve Austin’s issue w/ Cesaro,his time on the indys, how Zeb has helped his career, why he doesn’t get dizzy doing his Cesaro swing, what the record is for rotations and much more! To listen, just click here:

Brian Soscia sat down w/ WWE’s Natalya just ahead of WrestleMania XXX on Sunday. The extremely talented diva talks about representing WWE and what the Diva’s title means. She also speaks on E!’s Total Divas and talks about how it has impacted her career. She goes on to chat about how passionate the WWE Universe is, how that affects her personal life and how she always has to be “on” at all times. Soscia then questions her about the challenges of being married to WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd and much more! To check out the interview, just click the link: