Joe Flint of the Los Angeles Times is reporting that DirecTV could sever all ties with WWE following the announcement of the WWE Network on Wednesday. WWE revealed that all 12 Pay Per View events will be part of the new network beginning with Wrestlemania 30.

Although WWE will continue to offer PPV events on satellite and cable, DirecTV said they may have to rethink the current relationship between both parties in a new statement.

“Clearly we need to quickly re-evaluate the economics and viability of their business with us, as it now appears the WWE feels they do not need their PPV distributors.”

DirecTV added WWE PPV events have “been steadily declining, and this new low-cost competitive offering will only accelerate this trend.” While not entirely accurate (PPV buyrates for WWE in 2013 started off strong and later declined), Vince McMahon quickly responded to the statements by DirecTV. McMahon added, “I think it’d be foolish for them not to want to carry the pay-per-view anymore. It’s found money for them.”

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Source: Los Angeles Times