WWE Main Event Results 9/18/13

WWE Main Event Results
September 18, 2013
Cincinnati, Ohio
Commentators: Josh Mathews and Alex Riley
Report by: Clinton Bowman of Wrestleview.com

Josh Mathews and Alex Riley welcome us to Main Event, with Dolph Ziggler making his way to the ring for tonight’s Main Event!

Main Event
Non-Title Exhibition
“The Showoff” Dolph Ziggler v. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel w/Ryback and Paul Heyman

Dolph begins the match, easily gaining side control on Curtis Axel. Axel whips Ziggler into the ropes, with Ziggler knocking Axel down with a shoulder block. Dolph runs the ropes, and Ziggler and Axel come to a stalemate in the ring. Both men lock up after Axel takes a break, and Axel immediately gains control of the situation. A hard whip into the corner, and Axel attempts a pin on Ziggler, who kicks out at two. Axel keeps the pressure on Ziggler, dropping an elbow from the second rope, and covering Ziggler again, this time with Ziggler kicking out at one. Curtis Axel gets into a North/South mount and Ziggler fights out, kicking Axel in the teeth! Dolph lays into Axel, who counters into a hard whip, sending Ziggler to the outside as we go to commercial!

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Curtis Axel has control in a back mount, when Ziggler hits a Jawbreaker, sending Axel into the corner. Ziggler charges, Axel ducks and Ziggler crashes and burns! Axel covers and Ziggler kicks out at two. Axel keeps the pressure on Dolph, hitting a backbreaker and covering again, with Ziggler kicking out at two once again. Ziggler attempts a comeback, however, Ziggler gets cut off, as Axel sends him flying with a flapjack! Axel covers Ziggler again, and Ziggler kicks out at two. Axel continues to make sure that Ziggler cannot get out of the blocks, cutting off every comeback attempt. Axel hits a clubbing clothesline to the back of Ziggler’s head, and Ziggler kicks out at two after a cover. Axel charges a cornered Ziggler, who sends him flying into the ring post and outside. Axel struggles to beat the count, getting back in the ring at 7. Axel charges, and Dolph Ziggler lays into Axel’s mouth with a dropkick! Curtis Axel is trapped in the corner, where Ziggler punches his head in several times. After a neckbreaker, Ziggler goes for the FameAsser, and Curtis Axel dodges and hits a side suplex for a two count fall. Axel goes for a clothesline, but Ziggler hits the FameAsser, and Axel kicks out at two! Ziggler goes for the ZigZag, Axel ducks it, tries for the PerfectPlex. However, Ziggler spikes Axel with a DDT! Dolph looks to go high, however, Ryback tries to interfere, Ziggler thwarts Ryback, leaving Axel an opening to knock Ziggler to the outside. Ryback hits the Meat Hook on the outside, Ziggler gets picked up by Axel and the match is over after an Axel Cutter.

Winner via Axel Cutter: Curtis Axel

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Fun Fact: WWE has 23 New York Times Best Sellers!

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At WWE Battleground on October 6th: Daniel Bryan gets his rematch for the vacant WWE Championship against Randy Orton.

Undercard Match
Kofi Kingston v. Fandango w/Summer Rae

The bell rings, and Fandango fandangos his way around the ring. Might I add: two-thirds of the people in the ring are confused by this endeavor. Fandango begins with wrist control, attempting a monkey flip on Kofi, who lands on his feet and hits a monkey flip of his own! Kofi knocks Fandango off of his game, and Fandango decides to regroup! Fandango comes back into the ring, knocking Kofi down, but Kofi has none of it, as he dropkicks Fandango a few times! Fandango ducks out of the ring, and Kofi attempts a baseball slide, but Fandango catches him! Fandango attempts to throw Kofi into the apron, but he flies into the ring and fakes a tope! Kofi busts a move in the ring, and Fandango chases after him, only to get thrown outside near the announcers! Suicide dive by Kofi, and we go to commercial, as Kofi celebrates outside!

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Kofi busts Fandango in the hamstring, as Kofi takes control. Kofi goes up to the top, as Summer Rae interferes and allows for Fandango to gain control of the match. Fandango has a half back mount on Kofi, who tries to fight out of the hold. Fandango counters a sunset flip with a punch to Kofi’s head. Fandango hard whips Kofi across the ring, and stomps his face in. Fandango continues the slow approach hitting a float-over suplex, but Kofi kicks out at two! Back suplex attempt by Fandango gets countered into a successful back suplex by Kofi. Both men get to their feet by 5, with Kofi beginning his flurry of offense, dropping the BOOM on Fandango! Fandango ducks Trouble in Paradise, and gets kicked in the face for his trouble! Kofi hits the springboard clothesline, and Fandango kicks out at two! Fandango and Kofi jockey for position, but Fandango kicks Kofi, who kicks out at two. Both men trade blows, until Kofi hit the SOS, where Fandango kicked out at two! Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise after a counter, and this match is done!

Winner via Trouble in Paradise: Kofi Kingston!

We are treated to some highlights of the match, as Kofi continues to celebrate in the ring!

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Undercard Match
“The Uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion” Damien Sandow v. Justin Gabriel

Rod Zapata calls for the bell, and both men jockey for position, with Gabriel making several quick pin attempts to end this match quickly. Sandow quickly gains control, attempting a pinfall after running Gabriel into the apron. Sandow hits the Elbow of Disdain after a flurry of offence. Sandow goes for a knee drop, however, Gabriel dodges and turns the offense on its head, attempting a pin on Sandow, who kicks out at two. Gabriel hits a crossbody pin on Sandow, who kicks out at two. Gabriel hits the STO, goes for the 450, Sandow rolled out of the way, rolls Gabriel into the corner, and hits the Silencer for the win!

Winner via Silence!: Damien Sandow

Thanks for tuning in to WWE Main Event for this week! See ya next week!