Paul Heyman has taken part in a series of interviews promoting Wrestlemania 29 in two weeks on 4/7 at Metlife Stadium.

In an interview with The Trentonian, Heyman talks about getting the chance to work with CM Punk and Brock Lesnar on WWE television in the last year. Heyman added, “I work with my best friends. I like to call them the best and the beast.”

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In an interview with, Heyman looks back at his history with the city of Philadelphia with the ECW promotion. Heyman noted, “There is no Paul Heyman in 2013 without the city of Philadelphia. Each city has a unique flavor… and Philadelphia is the reason why ECW became such a global phenomenon and in turn solidified my reputation and afforded me the opportunity to build my reputation that I would have never had in any other city in America or in the world for that matter.”

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