On Twitter, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman went into greater detail about the injury he sustained this past Saturday at the Jerry Lynn retirement show in Minnesota.

Waltman wrote: Thank u everyone for the kind wishes & some funny 1 liners I’m sure were hard to pass up. If u can’t laugh at yourself, who can u laugh at? The video doesn’t do justice to the severity of the situation. The turnbuckle wasn’t covered & my landing should have been 45 degrees.I ended up landing hard & horizontal. The turnbuckle ripped me another new a hole. I knew it right away, U can see me tell ref “tore my ass!” I went to after party briefly, but had to leave as blood starting gushing. Hotel looked like a murder scene. So much blood. Hotel security called ambulance & Dr Morken @ HCMC performed sphincterplasty to save me from having to have a colostomy bag. Its hard not to laugh. So feel free to find it humorous. I did almost bleed out, before ambulance got there.I did the x factor from the top rope & 1 through a table after it happened. My concern was Jerry getting the proper send off, not my butthole.