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Oops! I Tore My Butthole

Former WWE star X-Pac tore himself a new one last weekend … literally … after one of his signature wrestling moves took a BLOODY turn.

According to his ex-GF’s Instagram, Pac — real name Sean Waltman — was wrestling at an indie event in Minneapolis Saturday night when he performed his Bronco Buster … a move where he leaps into a straddle position on some guy’s face (below).

Problem is … the other guy moved — putting X’s nuts and anus on a collision course with the ring’s turnbuckle. It didn’t end well for X-Pac.

X managed to finish the match after the injury, but when he got back to his hotel room he noticed a lot of blood coming from his nether regions … and wisely went to the hospital.

X-Pac underwent surgery for a torn anus and was released today.

By the way, he also lost the match — sooo … zero upside here.

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