John Cena featured on cover of new magazine

WWE star John Cena is currently on the cover of the latest edition of “Men’s Fitness.” Cena is on the cover to promote Wrestlemania 29 on 4/7 at Metlife Stadium.
[The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online]

WWE Vintage Collection recap for 3/15/13

Devin Cutting passed this along.

WWE Vintage Collection on 3/15/2013 featured these matches & segments:

* The Brisco Brothers’ WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Video

* The Brisco Brothers vs. Rene Goulet & Steve Lombardi (WWF Event – 10/14/1984 – East Rutherford, NJ)

* Tito Santana vs. Boris Zhukov (WWF Event – 10/28/1989 – New York, NY)

* Mr. Perfect vs. Brutus Beefcake (WWF Prime Time Wrestling – 2/13/1989)

* Bruno Sammartino’s WWE Hall Of Fame Induction Video

* Bruno Sammartino vs. Randy Savage (WWF Event – 2/7/1987 – Boston, MA)

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