WWE NXT results 3/7/13 

WWE NXT Results
March 7, 2013
Full Sail University
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

The music of the NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes hits and he makes his way onto the entrance way. Dusty says that this week, Bo Dallas, Corey Graves & Conor O’Brian will have the Triple Threat #1 Contenders match they were supposed to have last week. Dusty also says he has made an attempt to beef up security because this is our house and it does not belong to the Shield. Let’s get this party started.

We see the usual intro, then we go right to the ring for our opening match. New NXT Tag Team Champion Adrian Neville comes out, but his partner Oliver Grey is nowhere to be found. Neville gets a mic and says that this is weird, he doesn’t know where Grey is. Neville says they were warming up earlier today and then all of a sudden, Grey disappeared. This is uncharacteristic of Grey so I will fight both of my opponents right now.

Handicap Match: NXT Tag Team Champion “The Man Who Gravity Forgot” Adrian Neville vs. Judas Devlin & Scott Dawson

Neville starts things off with Dawson. Neville with a wristlock, but Dawson counters. Neville spins out, does a cartwheel and takes Dawson down. Dawson reverses a corner whip, but Neville goes up & over, followed by a front kip-up and then takes down Dawson with an arm drag into an armbar. Dawson tags in Devlin, who hits a gut punch. Devlin goes for a slam, but Neville slips out and then hits a dropkick. Devlin tags in Dawson and they hit a double back elbow. Dawson with a kick to the head and tags in Devlin, who hits another gut punch, followed by a snapmare into a chinlock. All of a sudden, we see the Wyatt Family come out dragging along an unconscious Oliver Grey out on the entrance way. They leave with Bray Wyatt dropping the other NXT Tag Title belt onto Grey’s fallen body. Neville tries to go to his partner, but Devlin rolls him up for a nearfall. Neville with a clothesline, then goes to the outside to go to his partner, but Dawson stops him and throws him back into the ring. Devlin stomps away at Neville, then tags in Dawson. Dawson places Neville on the turnbuckles and goes up with him. Dawson goes for a superplex, but Neville fights out and knocks Dawson off the ropes. Devlin comes in, but he gets taken out as well by Neville.

Neville then hits Dawson with the British Airways for the victory.

Winner: “The Man Who Gravity Forgot” Adrian Neville by pinfall (British Airways)

After the match, Neville instantly runs up to the entrance way to tend to his fallen partner, calling for help. Multiple referees tend to Grey as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial, we go to our next match.

“The Big Game Hunter” Leo Kruger vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Kruger backs Tatsu into the corner and feigns going for a right hand. Tatsu spins him around, but the ref pulls him back. Kruger with a side headlock, but misses a clothesline off a whip and Tatsu hits an inverted atomic drop. Kruger misses another clothesline and Tatsu with a regular atomic drop, followed by a chop. Kruger begs off, but draws Tatsu in and hits a right hand. Kruger hammerlocks Tatsu and drives him into the turnbuckles multiple times. Kruger pulls back on the wrist of Tatsu and bends back the fingers. Kruger then drives his knee onto the shoulder of Tatsu. Tatsu fights back with right hands, but Kruger again with a hammerlock and then drives the arm into his knee. Kruger then nails Tatsu with a big clothesline.

Kruger then locks in a version of Nigel McGuinness’s London Dungeon and Tatsu has no choice but to tap-out.

Winner: Leo Kruger by submission (Version of London Dungeon)


Back from commercial, we go to our next match.

6-Diva Tag: Sasha Banks & The Funkadactyls (Cameron & Naomi) vs. Aksana, Alicia Fox & Audrey Marie

Fox & Sasha will start, but Sasha wants Marie. Sasha with a wristlock, but Fox counters with a back elbow. Fox with a whip, but Sasha sidesteps a back drop and then connects with a spinning headscissors takeover. Sasha with a dropkick and Aksana is tagged in, but she gets a dropkick as well. Tag to Cameron, who does a wheelbarrow into a snapmare takeover. Cameron does a little dance, but Aksana pulls at the hair and throws her into the ropes. Aksana throws Cameron down to the mat and gains a nearfall. Aksana with a hard corner whip, then does her sultry crawl. Cameron comes back with a kick, then heads to the middle turnbuckle and connects with a crossbody for a 1 count. Cameron goes for a tag, but Aksana prevents her from doing so. Aksana gains a 1 count, then tags in Fox. Fox sends Cameron into the corner multiple times, followed by a Northern Lights Suplex for a 1 count. Tag to Marie, who hooks Cameron in a body scissors as the crowd wills her on. Cameron counters with a pin for a nearfall, then Marie gives a shove to Sasha on the apron. Marie goes for a slam, but Cameron slips out. Cameron crawls to make a tag, but Marie drops down on her with all of her body weight. Cameron kicks her off, but Marie with a waistlock. Cameron with a switch and then rolls up Marie with an O’Connor Roll for a nearfall, but the momentum allows Cameron to make the tag to Naomi. Naomi with a forearm, followed by a whip and finally a butt smash. Naomi off the ropes and connects with a flipping lariat. Naomi then takes out Aksana & Fox on the apron with a dropkick. Naomi with a leg lariat to Marie, but Aksana breaks up the pin attempt. Naomi takes her out with an enziguri, then Sasha nails Marie with a forearm from the apron.

Naomi hits Marie with another leg lariat for the victory.

Winners: Sasha Banks & The Funkadactyls by pinfall (Leg Lariat)

Sasha, Cameron & Naomi celebrate their win as we go backstage.

Backstage, Tom Phillips interviews Bo Dallas. Bo talks about his recent accomplishments at the Royal Rumble and defeating Wade Barrett. Bo says tonight, he gets to become the #1 Contender to the NXT Title and Graves & O’Brian can say that he has had luck. All of a sudden, Bray Wyatt comes in and says that luck is exactly what he’d call it. Bray says he saw that the Shield attacked him, kinda like what I did. Bray says had Bo not refused his hand, the Wyatt Family could have protected him. Bo says that obviously, Bray didn’t understand the 1st time, he wants nothing to do with his family. Stay away from me! Bray laughs, then says that Bo is a foolish young man.


Back from commercial, Renee Young interviews Summer Rae. Summer says we have been through this, you refer to me only as the 1st lady of NXT, Summer Rae, so try again. Renee asks if Summer is serious and Summer says do you not see what I did to Paige, do you not take what I did to her seriously. Paige is gone and she is never coming back. Summer says the only reason Paige got any attention from those lonely losers in that arena is because she’s merely attainable and clearly, I’m not, I mean take a look at me. Summer says next time I choose to even talk to you, refer to me as the 1st lady of NXT. If you don’t, there will be problems and I’ll treat you how I did Paige, like trash, much like Emma next week. Any questions, sister? Thought so, kisses.

We then get static as the Shield is interrupting the broadcast. Dean Ambrose says that he hopes you didn’t miss us too much, but now seeing us, you can feel safe again. You know how you feel the warm, reassuring hand of justice on your shoulder, because you know when you see us, you know the wrongs will be righted. Ambrose says you know how we feel about injustice and what we do about injustice and we can’t stand to see injustice, like we saw last week. Seth Rollins says that there is still a lot of injustice in NXT. We took care of Corey Graves’s whining and complaining. A true injustice is that Conor O’Brian thinks he deserves a NXT Title shot. And poor Bo Dallas, Bo don’t know a lot, but we taught him a thing or two about justice. Ambrose says we said it before, but it bears repeating. We’re always watching, we’re always judging you, we can show up anywhere, anytime, to serve injustice. We take this boring, sterile universe and we put a crack in it and make it lively and now, things are getting better. We’ve done it to RAW, we’ve done it to Smackdown and we can do it to NXT. Roman Reigns says that we are a pack of dogs with no boundaries, there isn’t anyone we won’t test, we will fight anyone, anytime. We’re unstoppable, we’re bullet-proof, we are the Shield! Rollins says if anyone has a right to be angry, its me, where’s my NXT Title re-match? Now, the Shield’s focus has been directed elsewhere lately, but mark my words, we haven’t forgotten about NXT. Sometime, somewhere, when you least expect it, we’ll be back to make a mark. Ambrose says we’re taking back the NXT Title, just like we’ve taken back WWE for the people for upholding justice. BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD!

Its now time for our main event.

Main Event in a Triple Threat #1 Contenders Match: Corey Graves vs. “The Ascension” Conor O’Brian vs. Bo Dallas

Graves & O’Brian stalk Dallas, who fights back with right hands until O’Brian mows him down with a shoulder tackle. Graves stomps away at Graves while shoving back O’Brian. Graves goes to hit O’Brian, but O’Brian blocks his right hand and nails him with some of his own. Dallas comes back with right hands to O’Brian, but O’Brian blocks a whip attempt. Graves & Dallas with a double whip, but O’Brian holds onto the ropes. Dallas charges and then nails O’Brian with a clothesline, sending him over the ropes and to the outside. Graves then hits a flying knee strike on Dallas for a nearfall. Graves locks in a chinlock on Dallas as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Dallas with right hands to Graves. Graves with a waistlock, but Dallas runs into the ropes, causing Graves to sail through the ropes and to the outside. Dallas with a back club to Graves, followed by a right hand and then sends him back into the ring. However, O’Brian then mows down Dallas with a clothesline. O’Brian from the mount rains in right hands to Dallas, then goes back in the ring. Graves greets him with a shoulder to the ribs, but O’Brian comes back with a knee to the face. O’Brian goes to the middle rope and connects with a flying shoulder tackle, but Dallas breaks up the pin attempt. O’Brian then with a hard corner whip to Dallas, bouncing him off the turnbuckles. O’Brian follows up by the doing the same thing to Graves. O’Brian stomps away at Dallas, then chokes him with his boot. O’Brian with a spinning neck twist to Graves for a nearfall. O’Brian then does the same thing to Dallas, followed by flinging him into Graves in the corner. O’Brian gains a pair of nearfalls on Dallas, then hits a knee to Graves for another nearfalls. O’Brian with a knee to the ribs of Graves, followed by a corner whip, but he runs into a boot by Graves. Graves and Dallas fight back with right hands on O’Brian, followed by a double suplex. Graves then with right hands to Dallas, but Dallas counters a whip and hits a back suplex. Dallas with the 10 punches in the corner to O’Brian, then begins to do the same thing to Graves, but is then distracted by Bray Wyatt coming out onto the entrance ramp, allowing Graves to shove him off as we go to commercial.


Back from commercial as Graves with a forearm to O’Brian, followed by stomps in the corner and finally chokes him with his boot. Graves with a gourdbuster to Dallas for a nearfall. Graves goes back to stomping away at O’Brian, followed by again choking him. Graves locks in a half crab on Dallas, but O’Brian breaks it up. Graves again with shots to O’Brian, keeping him down. Dallas reverses a corner whip, then lands on the apron off a backdrop attempt. Dallas with a right hand, then heads up top, but Graves crotches him on the turnbuckles. Graves goes for a superplex, but Dallas blocks it. O’Brian then comes in and lifts up Graves in the electric chair before dropping him down stomach first. Dallas then hits a front missile dropkick to O’Brian as Wyatt is slowly walking down the ramp. Dallas gains a nearfall, but O’Brian comes back with a knee to the gut. O’Brian with a corner whip and charges, but Dallas catches him with a drop toe hold, sending O’Brian face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Dallas then grabs Graves and uses O’Brian’s back to push off in hitting a bulldog, but O’Brian breaks up the pin attempt. Wyatt is now down at ringside as Dallas hits a swinging neckbreaker on O’Brian for a nearfall. Graves gets O’Brian out of the ring, then dropkicks the knee of Dallas. Graves locks in the 13th Step, but O’Brian breaks it up and locks Graves in a seated octopus until Dallas breaks it up. Dallas with forearms to Graves and is all fired up. Dallas with a gut punch, followed by a running right hand to the temple of Graves. Dallas dropkicks O’Brian out of the ring, then goes after Graves on the apron. Dallas goes to suplex Graves back in, but Graves lands on his feet. Graves off the ropes, but Dallas catches him with his belly-to-belly suplex. Dallas goes to cover Graves, but Wyatt pulls Graves out of the ring. Dallas yells at Wyatt, who says he is doing this for him.

That distraction allows O’Brian to come in and hit Dallas with a full nelson slam for the victory.

Winner: “The Ascension” Conor O’Brian by pinfall (Full Nelson Slam)

Wyatt backs up the rampway, proud of what he has done as O’Brian celebrates his victory while we go to credits.