WWE takes away signs related to Jack Swagger

According to a report by Bryan Alvarez, WWE was spotted taking away a number of signs related to the recent arrest of WWE star Jack Swagger over marijuana possession and DUI charges in Buffalo last night at the RAW taping.
[The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online]

The Miz on negative feedback to being Daniel Bryan’s pro on NXT

Brian Soscia passed this along.

Former WWE Champion The Miz called Brian Soscia in Philadelphia to discuss how his Marine 3: Home Front move is different from the first two which starred Ted Dibiase Jr. and John Cena. We also speak about his changes in ring attire and his days teaming with John Morrison. Soscia finds out how The Miz felt when some fans were saying that he had no right to be Daniel Bryan’s Pro on NXT b/c Daniel Bryan AKA Bryan Danielson had been wrestling longer than him. They then go onto discuss his thoughts on WrestleMania, getting slimed at the Kids Choice Awards, why he liked to establish friendships with his fellow competitors on Tough Enough and other reality shows PLUS much more!

To check out the show including a chance to win free Wrestlemania tickets, visit: http://bit.ly/XP5Bc3