ESPN and Buzzfeed are featuring interviews with WWE star The Miz to promote the release of “The Marine 3” today on DVD and Blu-ray. Miz talks about getting advice from The Rock in his first movie starring role and how hard his path was to land a deal with WWE.

On getting advice from The Rock when starring in “The Marine 3” (ESPN):
“I did, actually. I texted The Rock, because let’s face it, The Rock is the biggest action hero right now in movies, so I was like, listen, Rock, what’s your best advice, and he told me to just be natural. He said that too many times guys try and be this big guy, but it ends up looking robotic. He told me to act natural, have fun, and enjoy the scenes, enjoy yourself. It sounds so simple, but when you get in there and there are all these cameras and you have different takes and different feelings, being natural is great advice, and it actually helped out a lot. “

On how hard it was for him to land a deal with WWE (Buzzfeed):
“The WWE wasn’t calling. They didn’t care that I was on a reality show, they wanted to know that I was good on the ring. They wouldn’t let me go on Tough Enough because it was on MTV; finally, they brought it over to the CW, and when it was on the CW, I was allowed to try out. I tried out, I made it onto the show, and the only reason I didn’t win is because it was through audience participation — they were the ones that voted — and WWE’s audience never really liked me because I was on The Real World then. It’s like a fraternity. I didn’t win that, but I impressed the execs so much with my passion and my hard work ethic that they gave me a developmental contract.”

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