has revealed a response from Hulu regarding the company only featuring a 90 minute replay of the 9/24 WWE Monday Night Raw with numerous segments removed (the person responded on behalf of Hulu ended up confusing the WWE television show names in the process).

“Thanks for writing. I’m very sorry for any confusion regarding the availability of the full version of WWE Monday Night Raw. Unfortunately, at this time we only have the rights to stream the 90 minute version. I know it’s frustrating to discover that the full episodes aren’t available on as you expected. Our goal is to bring and keep as many videos on our service as possible. However, content availability and retention depend on several factors, including streaming clearances granted by our content providers. We’re working hard to bring full episodes of WWE Monday Night Smackdown to the site and apologize for the inconvenience. Let me know if there are any more questions I can answer for you.”