Five independent wrestlers were given tryouts at the WWE Smackdown tapings in Ottawa two weeks ago. This included Tyson Dux, Leah Von Dutch and Jeremy Prophet. In addition to wrestling, they had to do promos with William Regal and Steve Lombardi reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

This same report indicated that Regal told the wrestlers that WWE was seeking out wrestlers with a “Ring of Honor” style. Regal responded to the reports via Twitter adding, “Someone has just tweeted me about something that I’m supposed to have said over the last two days while spending time and giving invaluable advise to wrestlers who come to be looked at by the WWE. I know I’m old and my standards are different to most but it really sickens me that someone out of the five people I saw this week would do that. Whats more appalling to me is that I never actually said what was quoted and so it shows that they weren’t even listening. Such a shame”