WWE Saturday Morning Slam
September 22, 2012
Report by: Rocky Jimenez of Wrestleview.com

Rub the dust out your eyes, get on your favorite slippers, pour yourself some of the Nintendo Cereal System (actually, I would suggest not if you have that today), and plant your seat in front of The Vortex on CW, because it’s time for another edition of WWE SatMor SLAM!

I wanna apologize in advance to anyone expecting this earlier. It’s not WrestleView’s part, because Adam posts this as soon as I send it his way. No, this week has been a killer on my body. Work has not been good to me, and I haven’t even been to The WrestlePlex yet! But, I have an obligation to recap this thirty minute program, and it is one of my favorite parts of the week, so let’s do this thing!

A new cut of the SatMor SLAM! theme welcomes us to this Championship Edition of the program, with a major focus on the Intercontinental Championship! We will look at things like; Who was the first IC Champion? Who was the best? Why is this title such an important part of WWE history? Plu, Sir William Regal takes on the Internet Champion Zack Ryder! But we kick things off with The Spotlight, and it’s on the man who proves that believing in yourself is what dreams, and Super Size egos, are made of!

SATURDAY MORNING SPOTLIGHT – WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz

“AAAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMMEEE!!! Welcome to The Miz Show!” He is the most see WWE Superstar of all time. We are shown various clips of Miz on the ramp, Miz with the WWE, IC, and US Championships, and various taunting moments. This segment is basically all about the commentators getting Miz over, and Miz yelling at the crowd. “Because I’m the Miz, and I’m Awesome!!!”

After the short spotlight, Scott Stanford tells us that, in the WWE, Awesomeness equals Championships! The Intercontinental Championship has been a coveted prize for almost 30 years! Every Hall Of Fame and Legendary Superstar has held this glorious gold! We all have favorites, but who made it to The Fave Five?

FAVE FIVE – Intercontinental Champions

1. Pat Patterson
2. Chris Jericho
3. Ultimate Warrior
4. The Honky Tonk Man
5. “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Pop Quiz time, and this week we are hit with a question from WWE Champion CM Punk! He’s known for his wrestling skill, but has he got a stumper for us?

POP QUIZ – Randy Savage wasn’t only an exemplary Intercontinental Champion, he was also a fantastic WWE Champion. Who did Randy Savage beat at WrestleMania IV to win his first WWE Championship?

A. Hulk Hogan
B. Andre The Giant
C. “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase


This match has been in the making on Z! True Long Island Story, and I’m excited for this match! We have Santino on commentary with Josh Mathhews this week, so this should be fun all over!

William Regal VS Zack Ryder

Zack tries to show some respect with Regal, trying to fist bump with him. Instead, they each try to get the WWE Universe on their side. Obviously, the crowd is in favor of Ryder, but I’m sure there are Regal fans in the crowd. Regal gets Zack into an arm ringer, but begins to argue with Santino about how he’s got this match. They continue to go back and forth, but Ryder uses this distraction to try and get the roll up on Regal, but only gets a one count. Another arm wrench by Regal, but Zack counters with an arm wrench of his own. Regal tries to get out of it, but Zack is able to keep the wrist locked. Regal then goes for a kip up and tries to toss Ryder out of the lock, but Ryder ends up wrenching the arm back as he lands. Regal is able to break it up, though, by getting into the ropes. The two lock up, and Regal, once again, gets Ryder into an arm wrench, but Zack is able to reverse the move and tosses Regal. Zack is able to dropkick Regal into the bottom corner, and looks as though he is going to hit the Broski Boot, but Regal is able to get out of the ring in time.


Before we go back to action, Zack Ryder grants us with a “Don’t Try This” spot.

Back to the ring, and Zack Ryder is able to toss Regal over the top rope into the ring. Regal backs up, but as Zack gets closer, William takes down Ryder by tackling his leg. Regal tries to force Ryder’s shoulders down on the mat, but only gets a one count every time. A test of strength leads to Zack tryng the same one Regal, but h only gets a one count as well. Regal goes back to the arm, but Ryder is, once again, able to reverse it. This time, however, Regal reverses and go for a drop toe hold into an arm wrench on the mat. Zack Ryder slowly gets up and reverses it, but then goes for a roll up, and only gets two. Test of strength again, but turns into Regal going into another arm lock. This time, Zack reverses it into a monkey flip in the middle of the ring, followed by a dropkick, and then a body splash. He pins Regal, but only gets two. Zack gets up, and lines up the Rough Ryder for the victory!

WINNER – Zack Ryder


As we come back, we have a very powerful and moving segment about Make-A-Wish by John Cena. I’m serious. As I rewatch this segment and put my words down on this document, I actually am touched by this one. We have all seen the Make-A-Wish segments they have put on before, but this is one they need to put on TV. This is a very strong promo, and it is one of the reasons I love this company and why I am a John Cena fan. (I already see the Cena Boo Birds heading my way for that one…)

By the way, the answer to the Pop Quiz is, of course, Ted Dibiase! This is one of those matches that just live on in history! If you haven’t seen it, I urge you to go on Netflix and watch the Randy Savage collection WWE put out. Not only for this match, but for ALL his great matches!
Next week, it’s Family Health and Fitness day, and the WWE is ready to pump you up. And who better to do that than the 10 time WWE Champion John Cena? He’ll share his tricks of the trade on how you can keep fit.

Before we close out the show, The Miz is gonna give us 5 tips on how to be “AWESOME!!!” So, now would be a perfect time to take notes, since The Miz personifies awesome!

1. Dress The Part!
2. Walk The Part!
3. Listen To Naysayers – Prove Them Wrong!
4. Be Loud, Be Heard!
5. Be Awesome!


Man, this week was kinda weird, but I still enjoyed it!

I enjoyed the thought of The Miz possibly being the Spotling, but all they did with him was show us how loud he can be. While I think Miz is awesome on the mic, you should show off the other skills as well. I mean, if we get action shots from Damien Sandow and Justin Gabriel, why not Miz?
Looking back at the IC Title, it does show that it is a main title in WWE. If you look at everyone the spotlighted in the Fave Five, all of them went on to be WWE Champion, with the exception of Patterson and Honky Tonk. And even then, the IC title brings out more memorable matches than the bigger titles. Savage VS Steamboat, Hall VS Michaels, and even the infamous Mysterio VS JBL at Mania 25. This was a great choice.

I was serious when I said I looked forward to the match between Regal and Ryder. While I admit, I wish they could have done more, I was still very pleased with the match! The camera cuts were still there, and I would have been fine with it, but then they cut away from the Rough Ryder. I’m not sure why all the camera cuts, but I would be fighting a losing battle if I tried to figure that one out.

The closing with The Miz was perfect! It’s what you expect from a guy like Miz, but still had some deeper meaning to it. And the fact they ended the segment, a segment on tips to being awesome, with Miz saying “Be Awesome!” was hilarious to me. Not sure why, but hey, I had a blast with it either way!

Now, if you will excuse, I got to get my countdown calendar ready. Only 28 more days until they announce when Season 3 of MLP:FiM! So Awesome!!! Until next week everypony!

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