Mick Foley is featuring a new blog discussing his new book “A Most Mizerable Christmas.”

“I guess by now you know that I won’t be shy about getting the word out. I love this book. I’m really happy with the rhymes and the feel of the story, and the little lesson learned by The Miz. I love the fact that my son Mickey inspired it when he was just 3 years old – when he told me to tell Santa that he didn’t need any more toys. St Nick could simply give more toys to the kids who really needed them. I love the idea of being a children’s book author for the first time in 8 years. I know parents are going to love reading it to their children, as much as children love having it read to them. Despite the fact that I kind of liked being that rebel with the book that had been banned, I love the fact that this book is not going to offend anyone. Sure, there is one lone reference to pee-pee, but at worst, it’s a single PG line in an otherwise very G-rated book. Try it – you’ll more than like it. You WILL love this book!”