WREG.com is reporting that doctors monitoring Jerry Lawler see no reason why he can’t return to the ring and wrestle again. A photo of a recovering Lawler can be seen on the website.

Lawler has been eating, talking and doing much better as of Wednesday and Thursday. He spoke with Michael Cole and Vince McMahon (among others) in the last 24 hours on the phone. Lawler continues to make great progress.

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that the replay of Raw that aired last night on Mun2 (the same version that will air on Universal HD on Saturday) had everything related to the Jerry Lawler incident edited out. Michael Cole went back in the studio and re-voiced the rest of the show. All shots of Cole at ringside explaining the Lawler situation were removed along with shots of them in the background during the Kane/Daniel Bryan vs. Darren Young/Titus O’Neil match. We are told you would have never known anything happened based on the edits.