Roch St-Cyr sent this report in.

WWE Smackdown for September 14:

Opens with Del Rio, Otunga, Rodriguez. Bryan comes out and says his Wrestlemania rematch is tonight.

Sin Cara over Miz, Cara botched a few here.

Backstage with Kane squeezing stress ball. Bryan comes in doing the same. Multiple ‘balls jokes’.

Miz defends IC title at Night of Champions vs Mysterio, Rhodes and Sin Cara

Kane over Kofi Kingston. After the match, the therapist comes out and makes Kane hug Kofi.

Orton over Tensai in a good match, Vickie comes out after and gave me a headache. Tried distracting Orton but Orton predicted the attack and turned to Ziggler, scared him off.

Antonio Cesaro vs Brodus Slay coming up.

Casero flipping out about the battle royal…Tyson Kidd comes out and cuts a promo too. Casero throws him over the top rope. Clay walking to the ring, Tyson and Clay attack him. Both dance after.

Kaitlyn over Beth Phoenix.

Segment with Eve, Booker and Teddy in the back.

Main event, Wrestlemania rematch between Sheamus vs Bryan. Sheamus over Bryan via submission.

Dark match, coming up. Sheamus vs Del Rio. Sheamus wins via submission.