Brian Fritz sent this in.

Chris Jericho talks with Brian Fritz of Between The Ropes about going on tour with his band Fozzy, one of his major musical influences, his recent run with the WWE, if he has thought about retirement from wrestling, the Kevin Nash comments from last month and his chances of being at WrestleMania 29 next year.

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Excerpt from the interview:

If he had to give a percentage right now on whether or not he will be participating at WrestleMania 29 next year, what it would be:

It makes me laugh because we do signings every day at Uproar (Festival) after our show. We have great fans but probably, I’d say one out of ten of them, will say when are you coming back to wrestling. It’s like, it hasn’t been a week. (laughs) Last week I lost the thing and then it’s like on a Wednesday and when are you coming back. What is the percentage? I don’t know. Depends what we have going on tour wise. I don’t think we have anything booked as of yet. I know we’re going to Australia at the beginning of March with Metallica. I don’t when exactly … when is WrestleMania? At the beginning of April?

I think it’s April 7th.

There’s always a chance. Once again, it all depends on what’s going on with Fozzy and where we’ll be at with the band. There’s always a chance. I definitely don’t want to make this something where I’m on for another year again. If there’s something where I can pop in from time to time. I think that would be pretty cool. Let’s say as of right now there’s a 50-50 chance.