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Less than two months ago, WWE aired its 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw. After nearly twenty years, the company has hit a major milestone. In the most recent Wrestleview poll, readers were asked if the show would make it to episode 2,000. The results are as follows:

Will Raw make it to episode 2,000?

Yes 37.67% (2,785 votes)
No 62.33% (4,609 votes)

Total votes cast: 7,394

The majority of voters believe that Monday Night Raw will not hit another thousand episodes. The question forces voters to not only ask if Raw will still be around, but if WWE will even be around. There will come a day when the company is no more, just as a day will come when Raw, the most successful show in wrestling history, is no more.

Television as we know it may not exist in another twenty years. Technology has changed how we access wrestling. Raw has remained a live show on Monday nights, but the format is changing, especially with the move to three hours. With the constant on-demand way of life, Raw could eventually be disposed of and wresting viewed in webisodes. There is also the WWE Network wild card.

Another possibility is that Raw gets canceled. While this is not a likely scenario in the immediate future, there may come a day when WWE is unable to maintain an audience for the show. One television show that aired for nearly twenty seasons was Law & Order. Regardless of longevity, the show no longer had the audience it used to, and went out with little fanfare.

It may be the case that Raw doesn’t make it to another thousand episodes. However, there is also a chance, as several voters believe, that the show can make strive enough to hit episode 2,000. For younger wrestling fans, a world without Monday Night Raw is hard to imagine.

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Matt O’Brien