Matthew Brosseau sent these notes in:

NXT was bad..Nothing eventful.

Superstars was Brodus Clay and Local guy with Brodus winning and Justin Gabriel beat JTG.

Smackdown started with Bret Hart talking about how he was the GM for the night until Christian interrupted him and whined about a rematch. Bret told him he’d get his match on Super SD. Then Mark Henry came out and whined and then Sheamus attacked.

They appeared to film this twice, it was really weird and I can’t exactly explain.

Christian fought Daniel Bryan and won.

Askana said some words about Super SD.

Wade Barrett came out to face Local Competitor #3 but said something to the effect of not wanting to and then left.

Sin Cara and Slater followed. Now Sin Cara won… however. HOLY GEEZUS. They filmed the finish to this… THREE TIMES. Randomly. Confused the heck out of all of us.

Orton beat DiBiase with Cody. I tried so hard to get a paper bag, but those guys are cold.

Divas match, Kelly Kelly beat Tamina.

Great Khali with Jinder VS Zeke, Zeke won.

Sheamus beat Henry via countout.

Post Taping: Triple H came out and told us he needed a ref for the special match he had. So Bret officated Christian/Orton in a Street Fight from a chair and Orton won.

Not a bad crowd, and not a bad night. I had great seats and the CM Punk shirt sold out in like 15 mins. And they had the Broski shirt but I ran out of money.