The following was taped on Tuesday, August 23 in Calgary, Alberta:

WWE Smackdown for August 26:

-Bret “Hitman” Hart came out and said he’s the Special Guest General Manager for the night. Hart said that the live Super Smackdown next Tuesday was his idea. Hart said that Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Title would take place on the show. Christian came out and said that it was Edge’s fault he lost at Summerslam. Christian wants his rematch. Hart calls him a crybaby so Christian brought out a court order saying he must get his rematch before anyone else. Hart books the match for Tuesday and it’s a Steel Cage Match.

Mark Henry comes out and says he’s been overlooked for fifteen years. Henry wants to face whoever wins the World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match. Sheamus comes out, cuts a promo about his uncle being castrated by a bull, and scares Henry out of the ring.

-Christian def. Daniel Bryan

-Wade Barrett was supposed to face a jobber. Barrett came out and said the guy wasn’t worth his time. Barrett says he’s responsible for attacks on John Cena and many others. He shook the WWE to the core. Barrett walks off after calling the jobber an embarrassment.

-Sin Cara def. Heath Slater. This was reportedly very poorly wrestled.

-Randy Orton def. Ted DiBiase. Cody Rhodes gave DiBiase the Cross Rhodes after the match and put a bag over his head.

-Kelly Kelly def. Tamina

-Ezekiel Jackson def. The Great Khali via Submission

-Sin Cara def. Heath Slater. This was a do over.

-Sheamus def. Mark Henry via Count-Out. Sheamus put Henry through the announcer’s table and won it. Mark Henry gave him the World’s Strongest Slam onto the steel steps after the match.

Dark Match Main Event:

-Randy Orton def. Christian in a Street Fight. Bret Hart served as the Special Guest Referee.