The Daily Star in the UK is featuring an interview with WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin where he reveals that a second season of “Tough Enough” is in the works and comments on the CM Punk’s rise in WWE, including having a possible match with him.

“I really enjoyed it. It was like a breath of fresh air. He’s telling it like it is. He’s got himself a good contract now and they are treating him like the top guy that he is. You know when you’re going along with candy coated storylines, and something organic comes along, it’s a good chance to make a lot of money. They threw HHH in there, and I just hope they play their cards right. It was an interesting PPV (Summerslam) – I saw Del Rio coming but it will be interesting to see it working out. (On a possible match) Obviously it would have to be good for WWE and work out for CM Punk too. I’m not starting up anything here, but could it happen? Yes. Will it happen? I don’t know.”

Full interview: