The Wall Street Journal is featuring an article on former WWE CEO Linda McMahon’s expected run once again for U.S. Senate in Connecticut in 2012 and how she plans to take on a “softer approach” from her first run back in 2010.

“Earlier this summer, Linda McMahon laced up a pair of white sneakers and boarded an oyster-farming boat to learn about the shellfish business.

As Ms. McMahon held a wiggling crab and joked about steering the boat, gone was the image of an exacting CEO in a tailored suit and pearls that beamed across Connecticut during her unsuccessful bid for Senate last year.

The former wrestling league chief, who ran on the Republican ticket as a steely executive, is trying a new approach: She’s playing up her softer side and distancing herself from the lucrative career that first launched her into the race.”

Full article:
This Time, a Softer Approach