New York Times best-selling author Kevin Sullivan is featuring a number of extra excerpts that didn’t make his “The WWE Championship” book over at

His latest features extra quotes with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin on his final run as the WWE Champion – the same night Chris Jericho became the first ever Undisputed Champion.

“I remember being very fried. That was a complete phone-in job and I didn’t even phone it in; hell, I got hung up on. That was one of my worst performances ever. I’m honest enough to say that I didn’t really give a shit what happened that night. And it wasn’t about losing the belt either, because I really like Jericho I consider him a friend. It didn’t have anything to do with anybody in the ring. I was just totally frazzled, I was running hard in every direction and I just wanted that night to be over. I definitely didn’t need the belt at that time because I was too damn tired. We were running hard. I was living pretty fast. I was physically and mentally scrambled. I don’t have a lot of memories of that match other than I stunk.”

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