Andrew Heil sent this in:

I attended the show in Green Bay last night and this is what happened after it went off the air…

Vince told the crowd that if this indeed was his last night that he was gonna make it worth it. He then proceeded to angrily take off his jacket and tie. Cena’s music hit and he came back. Cena said he didn’t want to fight Vince and gave him the mic telling him he can say anything he wants. Vince smacked Cena’s hat off and told him softly “screw you.”

Ziggler, Truth, Miz stormed the ring and beat down Cena, stomping him and such. Ryder, Santino, and Bourne came down to help and chased off Miz and Truth. Ziggler, alone in the ring was beat down down all 4 and hit with all respective finshers. The 4 faces posed and that’s that.