Chavo Guerrero via Twitter:

“Ok, don’t “Fin” say that ppl will talk about this for years if you’re going to let Punk do all the work and not deliver at the PPV, Cena. I am tired and I know fans are tired of WWE Superstars talking big and not delivering. We don’t want to see some1 just in a fight.

And frankly no1 believes it anymore. If Miz can kick your ass then the clerk at the store can kick your ass, so plz deliver if u say that..Ppl will remember this PPV. U know Punk will bring “it”. I’ve been in the ring with both of u & Punk has “it”. Cena u have mic skills yes.

But if u think ppl believe your BS lazy comeback that u do exactly the same every match then u are mistaken. Eddie & I taught u different. We never said “get lazy” & do the dame thing every night. We always said” think out of the box” & give the fans what they deserve & not rely on the “machine” to ” get u over”.

I hope this lights a fire under your ass & U deliver this Sunday. Dont just rest on U being over cuz u are & that is easy. Challenge yourself & give the fans what they deserve. That’s why they boo u. Because they aren’t stupid. They know what they pay for & the “great” promo guy but the shitty “match” guy that u have become is not what they want.

I understand “longevity” but at the sacrifice of the fans trust is not worth it. Deliver on your fans & deliver on why U got into this business. Eventually the fans that U have gained with from the purple t-shirts will turn on U. Take a lesson from the Hulkster. Give the fans there $ worth and dont become just Another “promo” guy.

I know u love this biz & dont get distracted from the McMahon $. Deliver plz!! Have enough respect for your fans. Cuz without them, you’re working at a fast food chain. Love u man & I support u & hope u see this cuz I know Punk will & I know he’s going to bring it cuz he’s got nothing to lose! Wow! I didn’t know those last tweets were gonna get such a response. Most agree,some disagree but 1 thing is true @CmPunk&@johncena have really created a buzz out there. That’s 1 thing that’s great about wrestling, no other “sport” can create like wrestling. Now we hope that these 2 deliver. I know that they both have the potential to do so. Alot of other “factors” come into play but if the stars are in alignment. The potential is there. No question about Cena’s passion or Punk’s for that matter but will Cena bring it? We’ll see. I know Punk will. Punk wont have his maybe last WWE match be a dud. If he has anything to do with it,it will be”1 to remember”. Godspeed boys! I’ll be watching. Oh & almost forgot during my rants…Viva La Raza!! :)”