is featuring a lengthy and detailed interview with WWE star CM Punk where he talks about his time with the company including high and low points, the reality of an actual heel and babyface bus when traveling and the reaction his promo on Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago caused.

“Gorilla position is our central base of operation, right behind the curtain. It’s called that because that’s where Gorilla Monsoon, a legendary wrestler, used to sit and watch all the matches. That’s where the wrestlers come in and out. I cut that promo, and my mic was cut off. I knew we were on the air, and it didn’t make sense for me to walk back through there. There was going to be a lot of angry people waiting for me. So I jumped off the ramp, double birds in the air: “. this place, I’m leaving.” I walked out a side ramp, and I actually walked past this gigantic group of people who were all waiting at the bottom of the stairs in Gorilla to see me coming out. I walked out and got to see everyone’s legit reaction. It wasn’t like, “Oh, he’s coming,” stone-faced. I walked behind people, and they had their hands on their heads, eyes wide open, looking around like, “Did you hear that?” I loved it. It couldn’t have been any better. If I can do that with employees, I was immediately thinking that maybe we did that with the live audience. And you couple that with the millions of people watching on television throughout the world—somebody in Egypt is probably sitting their, hands on their head, mouth wide open, calling their friends. By the time I left the ramp and got to my phone, I had more than 200 text messages. It’s a great feeling.”

It’s definitely an interview with reading with plenty more quoteworthy mentions.

Full interview:
The GQ&A: C.M. Punk