Rey Mysterio, 36, was interviewed about his 20 year career in pro wrestling by Here is a sample.

What offensive move is most painful for you to endure?

Mysterio: “Without a doubt, and this is what has held me back and put me out for surgeries, is the West Coast Pop, which is a version of the Frankensteiner. I used to do that every night I would perform and it was just hard on my knees. At the time, being so young, 17-years-old and just going out there and doing it was like, man that’s cool ’cause the reactions from my fans were incredible. And of course, you get the feedback from the rest of the boys. Man, you’ve gotta take it easy on your body. You wanna make sure you last in this business. But you never listen to that as a young kid. You just wanna go, but that West Coast Pop has given me at least five major surgeries on my left knee.”

(thanks to Mike Informer)