7/6 WWE Results: Auckland, New Zealand

Callum Rule sent this report in:

1. Rey Mysterio def. CM Punk with 619 / splash

2. Kelly Kelly & Beth Phoenix def. The Bella Twins

3. Evan Bourne def. Primo with air bourne

4. Jack Swagger def. Zack Ryder with Ankle lock

5. Dolph Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston

6. Kelly Kelly came out again and got four people from the crowd, they had a dance off and the winner got to meet the WWE superstars backstage. A little boy won.


7. Michael McGuillicutty & David Otunga def. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov

Miz came out and cut a great promo, got massive heat. Alex Riley ran out and attacked him. RAM GM made the match a Auckland Streetfight.

8. Alex Riley def. The Miz in a Auckland Streetfight

R-Truth came out and cut a promo.

9. John Cena def. R-Truth. Cena won with the AA.

Following the match CM Punk ran out and attacked Cena then all the heels came out and attacked Cena. The faces soon followed and cleared house leaving punk in the middle of the ring. CM Punk did the green mist into Alex Riley then got everyones finisher given to him. He then appeared knocked out so he was dragged to the back by 2 guards.

Live notes:

Punk is amazing on the mic, as is Miz.

Jack Swagger and Bella Twins were playing fun and games with Mike Chioda all night.

Anyone else who went to the show feel free to email in with some more notes 🙂

Live photos can be viewed here: